MSOE students pushing the boundaries of energy efficiency on the road

The students at the Milwaukee School of Engineering are pushing the boundaries of energy efficiency on the road. Laura Langemo hangs with MSOE students as they prepare for the Shell Eco-Marathon.

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  • Patricia Johnson

    I am extremely disappointed that you felt the need to comment that “girls” and “ladies” were involved with this engineering project. 25 years ago I was shocked to learn that the world was still sexist as I entered college majoring in aviation technology. It has been a quarter of a century, and you all seem to feel that it is o.k. to continue to single out young women as being the oddballs, which helps to ensure that they will remain the oddballs for another quarter of a century.

  • Karl

    I personally feel that there was nothing sexist about that comment. In my statement I was simply pointing out the blank fact that there are fewer girls in mechanical engineering at MSOE than there are guys, and that we welcome the opportunity to have them on the team. In fact, we love having the diversity, and hope to see more females on the team in the future. I completely agree that a sexism problem exists in the field of engineering, but not here at MSOE; Super Mileage in particular.

    • Patricia Johnson

      Hi, Karl. I had only watched the last segment of the story, not the segment you were in, so I went back and watched the entire story. I saw nothing sexist in your comment either. You needed someone who was small, so you were happy to see someone in the program who fit that need. Perfect!

      The comments that I object to are from Kim and Laura (the journalists) at the very end of the last segment who remarked, “and girls involved too!” as if it was noteworthy that your team would include your female classmates. If you are truly serious about wanting to see more diversity in engineering (and I have no doubt that you are), please be on the lookout for comments and attitudes like theirs – attitudes that are subtly belittling.

      Best wishes to you and your team!


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