Man says strange lights caught on trail camera “definitely a UFO”

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Strange lights caught on trail camera

(FOX) — A Mississippi couple has a possible close encounter of the third kind!

Rainer and Edith Shattles were shocked when their trail cameras caught images of a strange light appearing in the sky over their Jackson County home.

Strange lights caught on trail camera

Strange lights caught on trail camera

The pictures show the bright light falling upon a deer.

The light appears to come out of nowhere.

“At first I was trying to see if it was something, you know, or a reason for what we were seeing. But the more we looked at it, the more we realized that it was something that was in the air. It was something that I had never seen before. If it’s alien, I’m not sure about that. But it’s definitely a UFO. Now whether it’s a government drone or what, I wish if nothing else, one of them would step up and say, ‘Yes, that’s ours.’ It’s a puzzle that may never be solved and it’s one that’s kind of fun, adds a little flavor to life, I guess you could say. We are just fascinated over it because of the fact that it was right here and it’s real,” Rainer Shattles said.

Strange lights caught on trail camera

Strange lights caught on trail camera

“We have unusual things happen around here that happen, but it’s usually associated with our grandchildren. But this case, we didn’t know what it was. I was looking for a nice buck to be showing up on the trail camera actually,” Edith Shattles said.

The couple admits they are curious about the object, and are enlisting friends to try to help solve the mystery.


  • James W. Barnard

    Sure looks like landing lights from an aircraft coming toward you. Or, possibly an automobile headlights refracted through the atmosphere.

  • Judy Schmidt

    These two lights are nothing more than the inverted image of the deer’s head from an internal reflection within the camera as the camera’s flash illuminated the scene brightly. The outline of the deer’s ears are clearly visible and the eyes are just above the ears as they should be for a vertically mirrored visage of the deer. Sorry, no UFO here.

  • sh

    it’s the deer’s eyes reflected in the camera’s optics. you can also see the shape of the deer’s ears. the reflection is upside-down.

    a ufo would be exciting, but this deer just looked at the camera while the picture was being taken.

  • Tina Corbett

    The flash of light you saw in the sky was not a UFO. Swamp gas from a weather balloon was trapped in a thermal pocket and reflected the light from Venus.

  • rao U

    how come only weird people from out in the boonies talk about UFOs – I have never seen an investment banker or a doctor get up and say “yes, I had UFO experience”. :) I suppose lack of education usually is a major factor for these people.

    • Jack

      I’m sorry that is uncalled for. I do not believe that was necessary. I belt hat to each it’s own an weather you are a doctor or a garbage man ones knowledge should not be questioned . I am sure that at one point in time you yourself has had a moment where you were questioned. I believe that if people would act as adults an stop all the cruelty and name calling that this world would be a little better and friendlier. Now, I do not know what is in this picture myself due to the fact I was not there!! I will say it does look rather interesting.

  • John Pombrio

    It’s a second reflection the deer off the lens. The distance between the “UFO” lights and the deers eyes are exactly the same. Try this. Find the image of the deer and the “UFO”. Pretend that the deer is looking directly into the camera when the camera flashes the IR light. Grab a ruler and MEASURE the distance between where the deers eyes would be (if they were not so washed out) and the distance between the lights of the “UFO”. They are exactly the same distance apart. Funny that a UFO landing lights are the same distance apart in the sky as the deers eyes are on the ground. Such a simple measurement to make and no one had thought of it?

  • awake

    No, you’re both wrong actually. That definitely isn’t any refraction or reflection of light. That is straight up light in the sky. And I doubt there is a plane flying that low in an area with trees, and its too high off the ground to be head lights. If it were a refraction off a lenses in the camera the lights would be on or in front of the fog, not behind it, as it would look if someone were shining a light at you through fog like in the picture.

  • Dave Schultz

    It could be lights mounted to the roll bar of a UTV which would put them approximately 7 ft. off the ground. UTV traveling in the direction of the camera. Deer triggers camera also including funny lights. It’s more likely someone was rebaiting and got caught on camera.

  • Dale Lois Ulmer

    #1 MYTH__Many people assume that those who say they have seen an u.f.o. are ignorant / uneducated, from the ‘boonies’ or the south (Mississippi), delusional, crazy, etc. The fact is that education, race, gender or location have nothing to do with witnessing an u.f.o. since this ‘phenomenon’ doesn’t discriminate.

    #1 FACT__While there are objects mistaken for u.f.o.’s, many are hoax’s and most are explainable, there are cases which have no logical explanation for a number of reasons.and each unexplained case has its own unique circumstances of the event.

    #2 FACT__I have researched this subject for the better part of 40 years, therefore I’m aware of not just what has been happening for decades, but what has been witnessed for hundreds of years…if not longer. My conclusion as to why these u.f.o.’s are here, where they come from, who navigates these craft, etc. would likely be rejected by many because the evidence isn’t clear enough for those who believe differently. The pieces of this puzzle are coming together and the final result will shock and panic many who aren’t strong enough to see or accept the truth.

  • Rob Zee

    Do yourselves a favor and read “the demon haunted world” by Carl Sagan. UFO sightings are always made by credulous people, the kind of people who think: “you cannot prove I’m wrong, therefore I’m correct.”

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