CREEPY: “Wake up baby!” The chilling words a couple heard in the middle of the night

baby monitor


They’re the chilling words heard by an Ohio couple in the middle of the night!

The Daily Mail reports Heather and Adam Schreck say they feel violated, after learning that their baby monitor was hacked!

And they have no idea who did it!

The couple stirred during the night — thinking they had heard something.

When Heather checked her cell phone, which streams the camera feed from the baby monitor, she noticed the camera was moving erratically.

That’s when Heather says she heard a voice screaming at her 10-month-old daughter.

When Adam bolted into the baby’s room — he says the hacker started screaming at him!

The couple says they were stunned to learn the hacker was apparently watching their baby sleep.

CLICK HERE for much more on this story via the Daily Mail.

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  • Laura Shird-Burbie

    I never had a baby monitor…never felt the need. I, like generations of parents before me, actually went in and checked on my baby. I didn’t rely on a piece of electronic equipment to know if my baby was awake or asleep or crying or in any kind of trouble. Baby monitors, like many other things just make parents lazy. And this creepy story is just another reason not to have one.

  • Tiffany Ayala

    I have a baby monitor but it isn’t the high tech ones out there. The reason for it because my husband and my two older step sons leave before my daughter and I wake. If it wasn’t for the monitor I wouldn’t know when she was up playing. I work swing shift so by the time I get home it is late and I am up another hour just trying to relax before I go to bed. When she goes down at night she is upstairs and we are downstairs in the living room. We check on her twice before we go to bed. I am sorry if that makes me lazy. But when you have two people on two different schedules you have to make adjustsments.


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