VIDEO: Meteorologist yells for staff to take shelter during tornado

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TUPELO, Miss. (WITI) — When severe weather raced through Tupelo, Mississippi this week, one meteorologist didn’t mess around. With a tornado bearing down on his television station, he ordered everyone in the studio to get to safety. Watch…


  • Lisa kyle

    Because of Matt’s dedication, he was able to help others seek safety. We are so blessed to call him “OURS”.

  • Caleb

    Matt stayed in there till the last possible second. He does such a great job. He was actually giving warnings before the national weather service. Thank you Matt.

  • Christine k

    Matt has always been my favorite Meteorologist. Me being terrified of tornados he has always been great at giving us accurate and fast weather updates. This just shows the seriousness of the situation. Thanks Matt!

  • Traci Stepp

    Thanks so much Matt for such dedication! I’m glad the Olympics weren’t on because there would have been someone complain that you interrupted their entertainment to SAVE LIVES! You did and do an amazing job….Thank you so much for keeping us well informed right up to the last second! #jobwelldonematt

  • Sallye Wallace

    Thank you Matt! The minute by minute direction from you was amazing. I’m
    Sure lives were saved because of you! God bless you!

  • Myung Yale

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