Is YOUR name on the list? See if you’re owed money held by state

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MADISON (WITI) — Wisconsin State Treasurer Kurt Schuller has announced the publishing of all new names received in 2014 attached to the Unclaimed Property program.

Each year corporations turn over cash, securities and the contents of safe deposit boxes to the State.

The Unclaimed Property Unit helps reunite Wisconsinites or former Wisconsin residents and businesses with lost funds.

“We want people to have their money,” Treasurer Schuller said. “We have more unclaimed property valued at more than $400 Million in our Treasury account. Unclaimed Property staff work hard to get these financial assets or items back to rightful owners and heirs.”

The public notices began March 31st in Marathon County and end June 22 in Milwaukee County.

Please be sure to look for your name or names of relatives and friends and begin the process of claiming money.

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