WATER RESCUE: Students canoeing in Sheboygan Marsh pulled to shore

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SHEBOYGAN COUNTY (WITI) -- Sheboygan County Sheriff's officials say students canoeing in the Sheboygan Marsh had to be rescued on Thursday afternoon, May 15th as a result of high winds in the area.

A middle school class goes on a field trip they won't forget anytime soon. It was supposed to be an educational day spent canoeing on Lake Sheboygan, but mother nature had other plans.

"The waters moving a little faster, as you can see the dam," said Emily Biwan.

Those casting fishing lines near the Sheboygan Marsh Dam sink their lures into more turbulent waters than they found here just a week ago.

"The water is high right now because of all the rain and that going on right now normally its lower you can see the bottom of that tree," said Joseph Pascoe, fisher.

But it wasn't the rising water or the faster current that sent a middle school canoe trip off course in nearby Sheboygan Lake on Thursday morning, May 15th.

These teens, can guess what was.

"It's been windy out, " said Biwan.

Thursday morning, the smooth waters became choppy beneath the canoes of a 6th grade class from Sheboygan Falls Middle School. The Sheboygan County Sheriff's Office says 10 kids in four canoes needed rescue when they couldn't paddle back to shore.

"They were all safe, they were not in danger. They all had life jackets on so we're just very thankful that they're all safe," said Jean Born, Sheboygan Falls district administrator.

The Elkhart Fire Department responded with their rescue boat, but it was actually a boat from a nearby marsh bar that got to the kids first, towing them to safety.

"They were probably cold because it was cold outside but they were all safe and they were not in the water and they got on shore," said Born.

This is an annual field trip that hasn't had big problems before. Still, the school says it's going to reevaluate the trip. There were teachers and parent volunteers on hand to keep everyone calm and safe.