“A Night to Remember” prom is something teens with special needs will never forget

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RACINE (WITI) -- It was called "A Night to Remember," and it's likely a night that the "honored guests" at Sunday night's prom for those with special needs will never forget!

The red carpet was rolled out as the stands at Festival Hall in Racine filled with hundreds of fans -- anxiously awaiting the night's special guests.

At nearby Gateway College, 19-year-old Ryan Howell got his hair styled.

Howell has Spina Bifida. He's an Elvis impersonator, and on this night -- he was all shook up!

Howell was one of 90 guests headed for "A Night to Remember" -- a prom for people ages 15 to 24 with special needs.

Howell met his host, and then it was time to meet the crowd!

One by one, each guest was announced and got a celebrity reception.

Howell fist pumped his way down the red carpet.

Inside, Howell got his picture taken -- and then it was time to hit the dance floor!

"It makes me really happy because I know they`re having a good time," Kenny Hyllberg said.

16-year-old Hyllberg volunteered to be Howell's host for the night.

"Seemed like a really cool guy. Got to know him a lot better. He`s just really outgoing," Hyllberg said.

Out on the dance floor, it was obvious these kids have a lot more in common than they have differences.

"Like the name of this -- it`s gonna be a night to remember!" Howell said.

The event was organized by Great Lakes Church.

Much of the event was free -- from the gowns and tuxes to the hair styling and makeup.

CLICK HERE to learn more about the Great Lakes Church.

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