“It’s a hazard:” Heroin, marijuana, & METH LAB discovered in home

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WAUKESHA COUNTY (WITI) -- Meth, marijuana, heroin and prescription pills. That's what Waukesha County drug officials say they found in a Town of Lisbon home! And that's not all! Deputies say the suburban home on a quiet cul de sac housed a meth lab that put the entire community at risk.

A criminal complaint says 28-year-old Dale Saugstad was cooking meth in the Town of Lisbon home.

Dale Saugstad

Dale Saugstad

Police say Saugstad told them he had been making it for about six months.

He disposed of the waste from the meth lab in the yard -- and his two young children were living with him in the home recently -- according to police.

Neighbors can't believe it.

"The SWAT guy was with his guard dog -- standing right by our deck here. That kind of shocked us a little bit. The cops have been here a lot of times...with drugs," neighbor Bill Scheuerell said.

The head of the Waukesha County Metro Drug Enforcement Unit didn't want to talk with FOX6 News on camera due to the job he is working on -- but he did say this is the first meth lab to be discovered in Waukesha County in quite some time -- and he talked about the danger it posed to the entire neighborhood.

"We found what we were looking for. Essentially, it was a one-pot system. Given the fact there were different chemicals like ammonia, it's dangerous. There's definitely a hazard. If it's active at the time, it could damage the residence. Obviously, anyone in the area -- it's a hazard, especially with small children," Frank McElderry, the Commander of the Waukesha County Metro Drug Enforcement Unit said.

Investigators say they found other drugs in the home -- including marijuana, heroin and lots of pills.

The criminal complaint against him says Saugstad admitted to being on heroin himself.

"Addiction, especially when it comes to heroin -- it becomes a psychological and physical need to feed and they got to keep taking drugs to get them high," McElderry said.

The complaint says at the end of his interview with police, Saugstad stood up and told investigators what he had in his pants.

They discovered a heroin kit, empty syringe wrappers, a metal cooker, heroin, a used syringe, and three new syringes.

But it's the meth lab found inside the home that has neighbors on edge.


  • So What

    Good you idiot! People like you are the ones selling to these teens getting them all strung out! How dare you subject your OWN children to that! What a waste of air, you’re a person set out to destroy people and their families..hope you are locked away the rest of your sorry exsistance!

    • Tara Lenihan

      Is it aging or an amount of drug use that takes a person from a victim of drug use to a waste of air? While I believe in strong consequences for dangerous actions, this guy was also once one of those teens we worry for today. Those ‘strung out’ teens that don’t die young or end up in prison for something else have a good shot of going down a very similar path. I feel like we should save the energy we have fueling anger and hatred and use it toward better education, intervention, and treatment for drugs and mental health issues. If you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem.

  • So What

    Also hope the cops found all your contacts and people you get stuff from and lock those looooosers away as well.

  • Angie

    TARA, You said it All Perfectly.I couldnt agree with u more. People,remember that he’s somebody’s son,father,cousin,etc. If it was your loved one,would u still feel the same way & talk that way? Or would u try to get them help so they can quit and better their lives and the lives of their family? Smh,think before u speak. I highly doubt that he just woke up one day and was like Oh yeah,I think I wanna be a drug addict today” That’s just Not how it works.
    Yes,he should be held responsible for the laws that he broke,no doubt about it..However,he Is a Human Being that is sick.Instead of talking trash,why dont we pray or something for him 2 get better and get his life together and for that poor lil baby caught up in this mess.

  • Robert

    I agree with Myra S.in some respects he needs help but to go about it the way he did was foolish. There are methadone treatment centers for heroin addiction but he chose endangering others, and broke the law and should be handled accordingly.

  • Debra Orth

    @caliboss. You apparently are addicted to whatever you put in your body. I know plenty of people who are addicted to marijuana, who cannot make it through one day without it. It changes the chemistry in your brain just as any hard drug or alcohol. It changes your behavior and you cannot tell me that it does not. When coming down off the high, they become angry and irritable people. When the marijuana high isn’t enough, they turn to alcohol or other hard drugs. Just by reading your comment, you are an angry person who cannot live without your drugs. Doesn’t that tell you something? You are an addict whether it is to marijuana or what ever else you use to get your high. Who are you without the drugs and being high? Who were you before you started getting high? You are a slave to drugs.

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