Mother of man shot & killed in triple shooting: “I wish whoever did it be put in jail”

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MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- The gunman who shot and killed two people on Milwaukee's Ceasefire Sabbath this past Sunday, May 18th near 11th and Atkinson is still at large. On Monday, police released the names of those killed in the triple shooting incident that occurred in broad daylight near the Atkinson Beer and Liquor store -- and now, their families are speaking out.

Witnesses told a FOX6 News crew at the scene on Sunday afternoon they heard "a cascade of bullets."

31-year-old Wilbert Lewis was pronounced dead at the scene.

49-year-old Marvin Smith died at the hospital.

"It was really terrible the way that shooting just started. Boom, boom, boom, boom," a witness told FOX6 News.

"I seen my nephew laying down on the ground," Lewis' uncle, Tony Lewis said.

Both Lewis' uncle and Smith's mother say their loved ones were in the wrong place at the wrong time.

"This is very hard for to lose my son like that. I know my son hadn't did nothing to nobody," Earlean Smith said.

Earlean Smith says Marvin Smith was in the area of 11th and Atkinson -- visiting his girlfriend, when he went to the liquor store to grab a beer.

"Next thing I heard -- the man just come from behind the building shooting and I don`t think they say Marvin was the target because Marvin was standing outside talking to a lady. But when the other man come out the store where they were at on the corner, the man come from outside the building and shot that man in the head and everybody went to running and he wasn`t leaving and shot my son," Earlene Smith said.

Now in mourning and unable to embrace her son, Earlean Smith says she hopes someone speaks up -- and prays police will find the person who took two lives.

"Marvin is just a free going person and he be happy all the time and he talks to everybody. I don`t believe in this retaliation and stuff because God will fix everything. I do wish whoever did it, that he be caught and put in jail," Earlean Smith said.

Earlean Smith says her son was just about to start up a landscaping business.

As for the third victim, a 48-year-old man, he was taken to the hospital with a gunshot wound, and is said to be in stable condition.

Police have no one in custody in connection with this triple, and double-fatal shooting.

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  • Ma Dingle

    Oh, the outrage… but when the police ask for witnesses and tips the entire inner city abides by a ‘don’t snitch’ code.

  • Concerned citizen

    i don’t think people abide by a don’t snitch code people are tired of this madness and they fear they will be next if they do get involved and another reason is you have some crooked cops on the force that you can’t trust so what are the citizens suppose to do???

  • Hople Tgalor

    This whole situation is sad. God please protect us, because Milwaukee is become more and more dangerous, by the second.

  • Not You

    @Concerned…congratulations…you just made yourself part of the problem. Ya, blame the cops!! Tell you what, if enough people DID GROW A PAIR, and handled the FEAR and stepped up and identified this person the criminals would start to fear the public!! This is the mentality that needs to be bread out of our communities to make things better. Remember if it saves ONE life, it’s worth it right? Then risk your own to save another. If crime is in YOUR neighborhood, you know who is responsible. Hold them accountable. Parents, LEARN TO SPEAK ENGLISH AND TEACH YOUR KIDS. The speach alone of this “parent” is part of the problem. Stop acting like ghetto youth and take some responsibility! Did MLK sound like this in speeches? Of course not!! We have named one of the most violent thoroughfares after him but haven’t heard word one of what he said. WAKE UP!!!!! LIVE THE DREAM, instead of fearing the nightmares that haunt us every day!! Will someone in the BLACK COMMUNITY PLEASE STAND UP?

  • DaTruth

    Also parents are to blame because if you teach a child in the way he/she must go they won’t depart from it. Nothing worth anything is being taught and music with violence

    ad sexual suggestions get followed. Selfishness plays a big role. People feel like hey it didn’t happen to me, so oh well.

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