Under the influence? Off-duty Milwaukee police officer accused

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MILWAUKEE (WITI) — A 43-year-old off-duty Milwaukee police officer was arrested late Monday, May 19th for allegedly driving under the influence.

A Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Deputy saw Stephanie James driving erratically on westbound I-94 near 16th Street just before midnight. The deputy also noticed James’ speed was fluctuating from 59 mph to 70 mph — and she was deviating lanes.

Stephanie James

Stephanie James

The deputy stopped the vehicle at US-41 on the northbound off-ramp to State and Vliet Streets.

James identified herself as an off-duty Milwaukee police officer and tested a .20 on a breath test — more than double the legal limit for driving. This was her first offense for driving under the influence (DUI).

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  • WorldCrimePrevention

    This MPD officer is a disgrace to the badge. I use to work for The Milwaukee Police Department & one thing that they tell you when you are hired is if you get arrested, you can not use you’re job as a police officer to get oit of trouble. I quit working there after 10 Yeat s on the job because I got tired of seeing all the corruption in the department & crooked cops getting off. Whether you are a cop or not, you are jot above the law. Once a cop breaks the law, even if they are still on the job, the badge don’t mean nothing then. That officer is not different then a civilian criminal. It’s Time to start putting these crooked cops in prison for a long Time, especially the MPD officers. They are sworn to uphold the law, which means that they should be held to a higher standard then everybody else & they should also get stricter prison sentences when they break the law. No Double Standards.

  • Lucky

    I personally drove in a car with this ‘cop’ while she was completely intoxicated. Almost running into parked cars. The police pulled her over and she told them she was an officer…and they LET HER GO! she was CLEARLY beyond drunk. I was glad I made it home safely that night but disgusted that I witnessed the “honor code” that night.

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