PICTURES: View & submit photos of vets you’re honoring

MILWAUKEE (WITI) — In honor of Memorial Day, we invite you to submit a picture of a veteran that you are honoring. When submitting a picture, please include the veteran’s name and when/where they served.


  • Forrest George

    Why is it? I am in a video taken by fox 6 crew at SWVMC Sunday with the Honor Guard(rifle squad) and cant find the picture they took of me. It was a split second shot but a good one. Sure wish I could get it. My freinds and neighbours saw it and showed me but I can’t bring it up.

  • karen goeden

    how come I can’t view all the pictures whether it is the pets or the vets I can only view 2-5 pictures and thats it….I’ve tried different computers and phones to no avail…thanks…Karen

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