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Stuck in the left lane behind a slow driver? WATCH what some troopers are doing!

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WASHINGTON STATE (WITI) — Move over…or get a ticket!

Don’t you just HATE getting stuck in the left lane behind a slow driver?

In Washington state, troopers are cracking down!

State law requires drivers to keep right — except to pass.

It’s a law that troopers say a lot of drivers choose to ignore.

So…troopers are out in unmarked squad cars — looking for violators.

“We’re out there to change driver behavior — whichever way we can,” one Washington State Trooper said.


CLICK HERE for more on this story via Q13 FOX News in Seattle.


  • Jessica

    So what’s the point of having that left lane? You can change lanes and get around slow drivers from any lane if you so choose. Makes no sense!! Another great way to waste the taxpayers money!!!!

    • Matt Hartman

      That left lane is what it is for – for passing, and passing only Jessica. You cannot always switch lanes to get around, which can be very frustrating! I experienced this on Memorial Day this past weekend on my way to Minneapolis. There was a couple in a green car in front of me in the left lane that was hogging that lane. A long line of cars were behind me that wanted to pass, but I could not get around because someone in a tan car in the right lane was traveling the same speed of the green car. Granted, both cars were “speeding” going 70 mph in a 65 mph zone. But with heavy traffic, traveling 70 mph in the left lane during a holiday weekend can be “too slow” when everyone behind you wants to go 75+. I know that sounds bad, but that’s reality. So please Jessica, move over when you are in the left lane when you don’t need to be, and there are a lot of cars behind you!

  • T H

    I know in my state, many stay in that left lane, as far as I know there is no law here for being in that lane if you don’t need to be. Though usually if I in the left lane, I do move over, but if there is no traffic, or it is not very busy, I do tend to stay in the left lane, only because I don’t drive as slow as others, but I don’t go faster to stay in that lane, and if I find someone coming up behind me faster than I am going, I signal that I am moving over out of the way. I also find that many who are in the left lanes are going over 10 mph of the posted speed limit. Never could figure out why people want to drive so fast to begin with, you want to go fast, become a racecar driver.

  • Love Deville

    this is such a huge issue. so glad they are finally helping ignorant drivers figure it out. its not about speeding its systematics and it works. Everyone needs to follow this rule.

  • John

    Wisconsin needs to to this. Many times when you have someone in the left lane they will speed up if you attempt to pass them in the right lane.

  • Larry

    People need to be able to exit the highway usually from right but it is hard to do when that lane is taken over by people who are passing all the slow people in the left! Slow people in the left mess up the system in so many ways… It isn’t just common sense or courtesy either it is for safety! And just because you are passing in left doesn’t mean you are speeding, you could just be going faster than people going under the speed limit of which there are tons of in WI!

  • Bryan

    In Michigan, 36 years ago when I took drivers training, this is what they taught.
    Do not pass on the right.
    Stay in the right lane except to pass.
    Go with the flow, if everyone is doing 5 over the limit, then do the same.
    These things are common sense, something lacking in today’s society.
    That being said, there are times I do drive in the left lane. One pace is 43 north of Milwaukee, the right lane is in such poor shape and I because I can’t stand the bouncing, yea, I will drive in the left lane then. But, when I see a car coming up I get over to the right.

    I have a question, how many people here know that tailgating (driving to close) is also illegal?
    Than is another thing I wish they would crack down on…

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