New place of honor: Gen. MacArthur statue moved

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MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- He spent the majority of his life serving our great country and now the statue honoring the legacy of General Douglas MacArthur is being moved to a more fitting location.

"It brings it so that families and people are walking by, there`s much more visibility and hopefully that people can remember our history," said Tracey Sperko with Veteran Community Relations Team.

Gwen Sheppard and her veteran comrades provided a motorcycle escort as the statue headed to the lakefront.

"Coming in right behind the McArthur statue and it`s always a good feeling whenever you turn and see that War Memorial that always makes you stand up prouder and say that`s for us," said Sheppard.

For 35 years, the MacArthur statue stood in MacArthur Square, but now you can find it at Veterans Park right near the War Memorial.

This is in honor of the 35th anniversary of the dedication of the statue, and the 50th anniversary of the General's death.

"Look out over the water and the American flag and just say okay he`s home. This is where he should`ve been all along," said Sheppard.

General MacArthur had a big impact on the U.S. Military, and he was instrumental in rebuilding Japan after WWII.

"Our interaction with Japan today, we reap the benefits of McArthur's ideas that he put forth after WWII over 50 years ago," said Sperko.

Now more people can admire the statue and reflect on General MacArthur and all of the service men and women who fight for our freedom.

MacArthur Memorial Week is being observed June 3rd - 7th.

There will be a series of events taking place throughout the week.

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