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Restrained & uncooperative: Lewis makes first court appearance

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- 18-year-old Sylvester Lewis -- facing three felony charges in connection with the playground shooting that left 10-year-old Sierra Guyton with serious injuries made his initial appearance in court on Thursday, May 29th.

For a man who has been in and out of court since he was 12 years old, the gravity of Thursday's initial appearance seemed lost on Lewis.

Lewis was reportedly uncooperative. He was already restrained in a wheelchair for the court appearance. He was writhing around in the chair -- and had to be restrained further.

Lewis refused to sign a no-contact order -- and at one point, exclaimed several expletives.

This, as the charges against him were read -- one by one.

Lewis faces the following charges: one count of first-degree reckless injury (use of a dangerous weapon), one count of first-degree recklessly endangering safety (use of a dangerous weapon), and possession of a firearm by a felon.

10-year-old Sierra Guyton was shot while on a playground near N. 28th Street and Clarke Street on Wednesday evening, May 21st.

The playground is across the street from the little girl’s home.

According to the criminal complaint, Lewis and another individual were shooting at each other, when the child was caught in the crossfire — and shot.

Sierra Guyton was taken to Children’s Hospital for treatment of serious injuries.

Lewis told police he was in the area of 28th and Clarke on May 21st because he was going to a school in the area to visit someone — according to the complaint.

The complaint says Lewis admitted to police he was armed with a 9mm handgun that was loaded with several .380 cartridges.

The complaint says Lewis told police as he rode up to the playground, he saw five men sitting on some steps that led to the playground. Lewis said one of the men confronted him about stealing his “baby momma’s kids’ clothes.”

The complaint says Lewis told police he saw the man stand up and back away — and noticed that he was “upping” a gun.

Lewis said he got off his bike and moved into the middle of the street — when the man pointed a gun at him and threatened to kill him.

The complaint says Lewis drew his own gun as a shot “went past his ear.”

The complaint says Lewis then began firing his handgun. He told police he fired eight times toward the man — and the playground.

The complaint says Lewis told police he was aware he was firing the handgun towards the playground where several people — including children, where located.

After the shooting incident, Lewis told police he went to a friend’s house and changed this clothing.

Lewis then went to the south side of Milwaukee where sold the handgun for $250 — and spent the night at 46th and Lisbon to evade police, according to the complaint.

The judge in the case set bail at $250,000. Lewis' preliminary hearing is set for June 6th.

The second suspect in this case was arrested on Wednesday, May 28th.

He is a 28-year-old Milwaukee man.

He has yet to be charged in this case.

CLICK HERE to read a collection of stories related to the shooting of 10-year-old Sierra Guyton via FOX6Now.com.


  • dianne

    Not surprising….he will act all crazy….he wasnt crazy before just inhuman…where is his family…why dont they apologize to the young girls family….where is the outrage..the concern…where are the judges that were lenient on his prior felonies…charges..crimes…they should apologize to this young girls family..such a waste of air..

    • Renee

      You’re so right. They try to pretend as if they are crazy when they are caught. Just a shame and a waste.

      • Rob

        Keeping him locked up for the rest of his life would be such a waste of 10’s of thousands of dollars to keep him alive sitting in jail. Go buy a bullet for $1 and take care of him for good and spend the tax dollars on something beneficial to society.

    • scott

      Why is it so important that his family apologize? What did they have to do with it? Feeling bad for the other family is one thing but to demand an apology. For what ? Giving Birth to him?

      • Robin Doyle

        Why should his parents or family apologize? Because , YES, they did bring him into this world and failed MISERABLY teaching him right from wrong. That is, if they were even around at all.

      • dancing in the ruins

        nah, instead of making his family apologize they should charge his family with crimes against humanity. and then make it the norm.

    • Christina

      he is far from crazy. He is acting stupid thinking that they will categorize him as being mentally unstable. He wasn’t crazy when he was doing all that shooting. He needs to stop being a coward and take fault for his actions. I pray they do not fall victim to his stunts and lock him up in a PRISON, not a mental facility.


    this man is not crazy at all he is acting this way to get off and if the law lets him then all of us need to rethink the people we have in office in the state of WI.

    • ZZZZZZ

      Amen Scot Bear!! They should shoot ALL violent criminals. Why keep burdening us taxpayers more and more. when we are already over burdened with all the lazy POS who don’t work and leech off us already.

  • guess who

    Smh… I bet he wants to get revenge on the officers now.. He has no earthly reason to be upset now. Coward…

  • Robin Doyle

    Just stick him in an industrial drum and drop it in the middle of Lake Michigan, why should the tax payers suffer because of his “insanity”?

  • Opinionated

    I agree with both. Some parents can raise their kids to the best of their abilities.. Once a child hits 16,17,18 they start making their own decisions. So you can necessarily blame the parents for his wrongdoings.. If I shot someone blame ME, not my mother. Then again, his mom may have not raised him right. I think he just needs to rot in jail.

    • Dena Nardi

      This kid has been in and out of court since the age of 12. His family left him a long time ago. Hell he probably learned his evulbways from his family.

  • bderk.

    WOW…..we need to pray that the young girl recovers fast and back home. Don’t give so much attention to this devil of a human!

  • Lisa Miller (@lischrmil)

    I would think mental illness qualifies. What mentally healthy person shoots a gun numerous times around a crowd, especially full of children? The question is how do we prevent this from happening again and again. The news is too full of the same situation.

    • glacier1

      Quote by Lisa Miller “What mentally healthy person shoots a gun numerous times around a crowd, especially full of children?”

      A worthless life long gang banging POS felon with zero regard for human life, thats who. Sadly Milwaukee is full of them. Enough with the “revolving door” justice system in Milwaukee County.

      The Milwaukee DA needs to stop the, “lets cut a deal” bs for a shorter sentence. And the judges need to grow a pair and hand out some meaningful sentences, and stop with all the staying of a sentence. If the a person is convicted in a court of law, any, and all criminal history they have needs to be taken into account and then an appropriate sentence should be given.

      The blood is on the hands of of the DA, the judges and parole officials.

  • Oldie

    He’s crazy alright…a crazy lunatic that has no shame in shooting a little girl playing on a play ground. He should be kept in genral population to be questioned and checked by other prisoners.

  • Greg Reineck

    I’m sure the judges will be just a easy on him as they were before and will continue to do so in the future. The judges are completely at fault for this type of trashy, career criminal.

  • g

    This animal is sn example of everything wrong in this city. Where r the “black leaders” in the community having a march for justice. Oh wait this is black on black violence. Just another day in the hood.

  • cheyenne

    you c an raise a child to the best of your ability and when they get to a certain age they’re still going to make the decisions they want to, and surround themselves with whom they want to. There’s no body else to blame for his actions BUT HIM!

    • Kurt Thomas

      Cheyenne, that is wrong. This POS was arrest 15 times BY the age of 18. That means that his so-called parents were in charge of him that entire time AS A MINOR. Not only is this scum to blame, but so are the parents as they obviously did nothing.

  • Always Outspoken

    He’s not mentally ill – unless you consider the common attitude of a “hard” hood thug to be a mental illness. This scum typifies the mentality of many black males today. They have no respect whatsoever for anything or anyone.
    His is the type of case where I wish the judge could just issue a death sentence rather then prison time.

  • Step up

    I’m so glad that this outstanding citizen will be FREE TO DO AS HE WANTS IN ONLY 10 YEARS

    • Kurt Thomas

      Wat da matta Tania? Him not a bad brotha? Lets me axe you sumtim, it bees ok to cap a lil girl to yous?

  • Lone ranger

    Take this S O B out to the middle of Lake Michigan and tie a cinder block to his ankles and forget about it. Feed him to the bears at the zoo who cares!!!!

  • Jimmy Cracker

    We apologize for the person that says shut up idiot!!! As they are most likely fitting into this category.

  • Jimmy Cracker

    If he wants to play with guns send him to Iraq give him a large american flag and tell him he is free to run…

  • dianne

    What age did his life of crime start…what age….where sre his parents. Where is the NAACP on this one….he isnt crazy…he just got caught. …again…no one claims him as their own….I Wonder why….and polish. You said it all and oh so well…..you are given one life it is what you make of it…

  • Lorea

    Sorry about Polish. I’m sure I dont have to tell you…just like Mr. Lewis doesn’t represent all black people, Polish doesn’t represent all white people.

  • Ron

    Its difficult to be outraged anymore when the people who have the ability to put animals like this away dont care. There is no way this sewer rat should have been on the street in the first place. The mayor screaming that we need more gun laws is nothing but a photo opp. Even this joke of a mayor knows this guy broke half a dozen gun laws. We need judges who enforce the gun laws we allready have. Milwaukee’s one and only hope is Sheriff Clarke. He gets it.

  • 2econd

    the judges that are giving these little dou chebags the short sentences should be getting put on trial as well. ok, cue the barrett and flynn side show…

  • Kurt Thomas

    This POS maggot needs to go away for more than 30 years! He is a career thug and criminal that needs to be off the streets. How can you shoot a little girl and maintain that thug attitude! He will lose that attitude quickly once the “BIG” boys get to him in prison. Now THAT will be justice! As far as the other POS, nice to know that in the State of Wisconsin, you can cold-bloodily murder someone and only get 10 years. What a joke!

  • New New New New. World. Order.

    We need martial law in Milwaukee. I don’t care if it’s unconstitutional. If we can send troops overseas to liberate countries from evil men, why can’t we deploy the Wisconsin National Guard to clean up the north and south sides here?

    What’s the difference between a terrorist with a gun and a thug with a gun?



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