Mother gets disturbing text messages from missing daughter’s phone

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EAST CLEVELAND, Ohio (WITI) — An Ohio mother is desperately trying to find her 15-year-old daughter, who has been missing for more than a week.

Chaday Lentes went to visit a friend on May 30th and never returned home, according to FOX8 Cleveland.

Since then, the girl’s mother, Lakeya Williams, says she has been receiving disturbing text messages from her daughter’s cellphone.

“Everybody in my family been texting her phone and calling her phone and we’ve been getting no responses from her,” Williams told FOX8.

This past weekend, Lakeya says she began receiving disturbing text messages from her daughter.

One text read: “I killed your baby.”

Another said: “That’s y she not comein back, she bout some were far.”

Yet another read: “She was calling yo name…she wanna come home but nott.”

“It’s so confusing ’cause you don’t know what to think,” the missing girl’s aunt, Terry Walker, told FOX8.

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  • Jen

    Wow. This is so sad for the family. I am praying this young lady returns home safely. Hopefully justice will be served to the idiot who sent the mother these awful, heartless messages.

  • Slaycia

    With technology these days can’t they track where the messages are coming from? There are some sick people in this evil world.

  • Brenda

    Why don’t they just track the number? I mean clearly the phone is on and someone has it. I feel bad for this family. Being a parent I would be freaking out and be making the police do everything in there power and tracking a phone is not hard. Some cell phone companies can even do it so if her cell phone is on her mothers plan why doesn’t she go to the cell phone carrier and ask them to track the number and explain the situation. I hope they find her and she is alive.

  • Scott

    She’s 15 for crying out loud. She wasn’t home at 10,11,12. Curfew is 10 pm. Why did you wait so long after 10? Then fell asleep? Are you serious? My kids not home before curfew there is no way i’m going to falling asleep. Wake up and she isn’t at school. Now you have wasted too much valuable time. I pray for here sake that she is well. If she isn’t found soon, I hope they investigate you as so many things you stated in this story, sounds so suspicious. Now you can take your dumb a55 to sleep.

  • Paul

    Try giving the authorities a little bit of credit. They know just as well as everyone else does that phones can be tracked. Even though this person doesn’t sound particularly bright, he/she probably has enough sense to turn the phone on, make the text message, turn it off, then leave the area.

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