They preach the same scripture, but churches have very different platforms on same-sex marriage

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BROOKFIELD/MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- They preach the same scripture, but there are churches across southeastern Wisconsin whose platforms could not be more different when it comes to same-sex marriage.

"I think that everyone deserves to be allowed to love the person they love and have that relationship recognized," Rev. Lori Hlaban with Unitarian Universalist Church said.

It's the stance Unitarian Universalist Church West has taken since 2004.

The Brookfield church hosted same-sex wedding ceremonies long before this past weekend -- when several county clerks began issuing marriage licenses to gay couples.

"One of the couples I married legally at the Milwaukee County Courthouse on Saturday was a couple I married here, in this very room, five years ago," Rev. Suzelle Lynch with Unitarian Universalist Church said.

Kevin Kohlmeier is a reverend at the All Faith Solid Foundation Institute in Milwaukee.

Basing his beliefs on the very same gospel -- Kohlmeier describes same-sex marriage as an "abomination."

"If you call yourself a priest, a pastor, a church leader, a teacher and you go along with this, you`re just as guilty and will be held just as accountable as those that are committing it," Kohlmeier said.

The Brookfield ministers say they've heard similar words before -- and it doesn't bother tham.

"Just as human beings are diverse, the way they will encounter scripture, or God, or the holy will be diverse,"

In Milwaukee, Kohlmeier insists his words are not hateful.

"We love everybody -- but a sin is a sin. You gotta call it for what it is," Kohlmeier said.

The ministers with Unitarian Universalist Church performed marriage ceremonies this past weekend at the Milwaukee County Courthouse and the Waukesha County Courthouse.

They plan on performing more marriages in their sanctuary -- something they've been doing since 2004.




  • Just my opinion

    Live and let live…so tired of the RELIGIOUS bunch being so judgemental. Keep on judging people, YOU will be judged as well.

    • truth is the truth

      I wouldn’t call this being judgmental. I would call it for what it is. This preacher is standing up for God. He read it right out of the Bible. More of these so called preachers need to stand up for what is right and holy like this one.

  • randy

    Unitarian? ha! they’ll believe anything. Standing up for God(the truth) and what you believe in is not being judgemental.

  • Wake up!!!!!!!

    Let’s be clear. The Bible calls this way of life an abomination in Leviticus 20:13. Where are all these big main stream preachers on this issue. To worried about keeping the seats full to preach the truth?

  • David Fuller

    ACTUALLY the Bible CALLS for us to be judgmental. Matthew 7:15-20 tells us to judge by the fruits of their spirit. People like to only pick the scripture they like out. EVERY version of the Bible is tainted nowadays, but if you go back to the original greek/hebrew meanings, you will see how MANY things that are preached are just doctrines from that particular church and not really scriptural. Homosexuality IS an abomination however, so we need not be worried about being called judgemental on that topic at all, as God has ALREADY judged that behavior, and NO modification by man of the written Word, or it’s meaning will change God’s view on it.

  • John O

    I think the reporter should have done a little research here. The Unitarian Universal Church is not a Christian church. It’s an unique blending of all faiths into one, therefore they really don’t have an absolute moral code other than to do no harm to your neighbor.
    Biblical Christianity takes the words of the bible as literal keeping in mind the type of literature it is, the current time in history it was given, and the context in which it was speaking. The problem with the disparate views on social issues (which are at the root moral issues) comes from rationalization of truth instead of seeing it for what it is- a reflection of the character and holiness of God and what He wants for His people.

    “For the time is coming when people will not endure sound teaching, but having itching ears they will accumulate for themselves teachers to suit their own passions” 2 Timothy 4:3, ESV


    We have taken the Word of God and have used our own understanding and interpretations to suit our own best interests. God’s Word does not change. It is the same yesterday, today, and forever. What has happened is we as creations of God seem to think we know more than God. We have degraded ourselves due to our own desires and not His. Lets look at the rainbow for example. The rainbow according to scripture was a symbol of a covenant God made with Noah. Now it has become the symbol to represent the lgbt community. It is shameful. God will not change. He calls us to be Holy for He is Holy. No matter how you try to justify acts of sin to fit the way you desire to live, will have no bearing when you stand before Him in judgment. The traditions and beliefs of man does not over ride the Word of God. GET RIGHT CHURCH AND LETS GO HOME!!!!!!!!!

  • Wayne

    Funny how all religious officiants at church weddings pronounce….”By the authority vested in me by the STATE OF ___________, ….” Funny how all judges marrying people in courtrooms say the same thing. I guess it’s one of those “render unto Caesar….” things…….

  • Fed up.

    All Faith Solid Foundation sounds like a church who preaches directly from the Bible. More churches should be like that one. Maybe we all need to start going there. It looks like a nice church to belong to. The building doesn’t save you but the Word will. Have to find the address and bring my entire family one of these Sundays.

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