Oh baby! Woman goes to hospital to have ovaries removed and instead…gives birth!

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MILWAUKEE (WITI) — She went to the hospital to have her ovaries removed after suffering painful abdominal cramping — and left the hospital with a BABY!

Photo Courtesy The New Zealand Herald

Photo Courtesy The New Zealand Herald

According to The New Zealand Herald, 25-year-old Rebecca Oldham says she had three scans, two blood tests and six pregnancy tests to try to explain her severe abdominal cramping.

The woman was admitted to the hospital to have her ovaries removed — but doctors instead performed a C-section, and discovered a nine-pound baby!

That happened in November, and since then, doctors have been investigating how this pregnancy was missed.

Oldham says she’s hoping the findings of the investigation will help to provide closure for her and her partner.

The couple already had a 20-month-old son when their unexpected son named James came into the world.

“I was facing not being able to have any more children because they thought there were problems with my ovaries and all of a sudden we had a son!” Oldham said.

CLICK HERE to learn more about what doctors beleive happened in this case, via The New Zealand Herald.


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    • Marie

      I had a friend who did not know she was pregnant until 6 months. She once was told she would never have children and her monthly cycle was not normal. Not knowing you are pregnant DOES happen.

  • guess who

    Ignorant people are so quick to judge people they don’t even know. SMH.. such craziness… maybe the folks that judging this young lady need to F**k each other.. Now GFY!!!!

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  • rocknrorose

    I truly hope this is seriously truthful news. I am in New York and we haven’t seen anything like this here. Is there and can there be more report on this? Just for society reasons. People are jerks about judging something false or true.

  • Marie

    So glad the baby is fine.
    Please don’t make comments about how someone looks.
    I have a granddaughter with eyes like that and she has a health issue.
    Judging people by their looks is wrong.

  • rebecca oldham

    Your rude comments make my day. My family an I are doing great, this story was released with out concent so not the real story, hope u all enjoy your day we will be.
    Rebecca mother of James tourelle.

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