Beatrice healing after being badly burned, receiving pig skin grafts

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MILWAUKEE (WITI) — Veterinarians at the Milwaukee Emergency Center for Animals provided an update on Tuesday, June 17th on the medical status of Beatrice, a five-year-old mixed-breed dog that was stolen and found burned over 90 percent of her body.

Beatrice was stolen from her very own backyard on March 13th. She was found 11 days later near Potawatomi Bingo Casino cold, with most of her body badly burned.

Beatrice underwent a cutting edge medical procedure by Froedtert trauma specialist, Dr. John Weigelt and Dr. Marla Lichtenberger, at the Milwaukee Emergency Center for Animals on April 28th where heterograft (pigskin) was applied to Beatrice’s third-degree burns.

On Tuesday, Dr. Lichtenberger said Beatrice’s skin grafts are healing very well. In fact, she is not expected to have any additional medical treatment — just proper bathing, hydro-therapy and use of ointments. Dr. Lichtenberger said if all continues as expected, Beatrice will be fully healed within a couple  of months.

WARNING: You may find the photos and video posted below to be graphic and/or disturbing.

If you would like to help with Beatrice’s medical care, you can log onto or contact Animal Fairy Charities at 262-989-0604.

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  • jamal

    i dpont even liek the news cuz i see people who harm animals and it shocking , this si a great rescue story but it make me so sad than people hurt animals i cant belive it we are so cruel and i only wish that someday we as people will figure out whats right. i truly hate i mean hate animal cruelty that even goes for the meat we eat its just all wrong how we as human beings treat each other and animals i truly hope we wake up cuzz my heart hurts

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