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The Blue Angels are getting set to soar in Milwaukee! Details on Milw. Air and Water Show

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The Blue Angels are getting set to soar in Milwaukee! They will take part in the Milwaukee Air and Water Show this Saturday and Sunday.

The Milwaukee Air and Water Show is this Saturday and Sunday from  10 a.m. to 4 p.m. between Bradford and McKinley Beaches on Milwaukee's lakefront.


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  • Bob Lambrecht

    We didn’t go to see the Blue Angels because we could see the fog at the lake front so we were headed to a festival instead. We were headed west on College just south of the airport. There were about twenty people parked off the road so we stopped and asked what was going on, a lady said they were on the runway now. about five minutes later here they came, flew about One hundred feet over our heads, four in formation and two behind. Guess they were going home. Still brings a tear to my eyes.

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