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You’ve GOTTA see this! Young baseball fan cannot contain his excitement when he sees himself on the Jumbotron

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MILWAUKEE (WITI) — When sports fans see themselves on the Jumbotron — they usually get pretty excited!

A young baseball fan at a Florida Marlins game…took his excitement to the next level!



  • Jen

    I dont think his behavior is all that cute. I wouldn’t want to see a four or five year old of mine raising his or her shirt gyrating like that. There are more appropriate, and funny ways for a toddler to react to excitement. Sign of the times!

    • Clint

      Definitely not funny or cute. I agree with the comments of the same. What kind of society do we live in where it is “cute” for any young person to act in this manner. Our future is in a sad state due to the lack of good parenting.

  • mjklemm

    Not very funny to me… Wy is is first reaction t lit his shirt and strt ancient like a strippr ? There am be underplaying issues here.. Dot think it’s “cute” at all…

  • DaTruth

    The grownups are right there looking. That is some silly behavior for a child…. all due to excitement or bad parenting.

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