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“I’m going to miss her:” Friend says one of two killed in motorcycle crash was a basketball star in Milwaukee

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.
MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- Milwaukee police say two people were killed in a motorcycle crash that occurred just before 9:30 p.m. on Saturday, June 28th.
Police say a motorcycle being operated northbound on N. Sherman Avenue by a 40-year-old Milwaukee man struck a vehicle making a left turn onto W. Auer.
Both the operator of the motorcycle and his 25-year-old female passenger were ejected from the motorcycle.
Both were pronounced dead at the scene.
The 53-year-old male driver of the vehicle was taken to the hospital -- where he was treated for minor injuries.
His 52-year-old female passenger was treated on scene.

Asia Rhines-Malone is a close friend of the 25-year-old woman who was killed in this crash.

Destinee Blue (Photo Courtesy Asia Rhines-Malone)

Destinee Blue (Photo Courtesy Asia Rhines-Malone)

"I don't want to get choked up, but I've been crying all day. I just...I'm going to miss her. I'm going to miss her," Rhines-Malone said.

Rhines-Malone tells FOX6 News the 25-year-old woman killed is Destinee Blue. Rhines-Malone says she was a passenger on the motorcycle driven by her 40-year-old boyfriend.

"It's just so hard to lose someone like that -- who has so much to give to this community. Milwaukee needs it right now. To have her taken away -- it's a hard blow. It's just tragic to me that she lost her life at such a young age -- and she was on such a great path -- doing positive stuff in this community," Rhines-Malone said.

Rhines-Malone says Blue has been a rising basketball star since high school. The two were rivals on the court -- and friends everywhere else.

"She went to Vincent.  She won two state championships.  She coached at Riverside last year. I think they won a championship," Rhines-Malone said.

Destinee Blue (Photo Courtesy Asia Rhines-Malone)

Destinee Blue (Photo Courtesy Asia Rhines-Malone)

Rhines-Malone says Blue mentored young women with an interest in playing ball.

Next month, Blue was set to join an international league in Puerto Rico.

"I`m sad for her and for the other victim`s family.  I know Milwaukee is hurting and we`re going to miss her.  We`re going to miss her," Rhines-Malone said.

Police are saying speed may have been a factor in this crash.


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  • Demetria Taylor

    My causin the male was driving the Bike how Does the person turning left have the right away ongoing traffic is suppose to be clear before you turn. He didn’t have a stop sign or a red light. My causin had the right away.

    • Jaymes Deen

      Another article says that the “Rider of the Motorcycle” was speeding in excess of 75mph weaving in and out of traffic see here: Now this in on local streets not the highway. Problem is not that if your cousin had right of way or not, as the other person is “allowed” to turn into a lane if he sees no oncoming traffic. If your cousin was traveling at that speed, and since its a smaller vehicle, the car driver might not have noticed, or he looked and then he started turning but your cousin came up on him super fast. It is always recommended to ride/drive the speed limit, the speed limit in local traffic is designed for you to be able to stop in case someone/something gets in front of you it will leave you enough time to slow down or avoid the accident.

      • J. Rob

        Correct. You must wait for oncoming traffic to clear before making a left turn. Unless the driver of the motorcycle did have the headlight on, most of the blame should go the the driver of the car.

      • Jaymes Deen

        This morning I turned left in front of another vehicle that was coming northbound and I was going southbound. We both had green lights, but I made the left turn, because based on his speed, I knew that I could make the left turn with enough space and time to make it across the light before he hit me, and he would have enough time to see me and slow down as I was doing the turn. People do this on a normal basis, every day, If you drive i’m sure you do it also. The problem is when I try to make that same left turn (for example) and I am going southbound, and see a car coming up to me northbound at 100mph. If I gauge his speed wrong and dont notice he is driving fast, it will pretty much guarantee an accident will happen, as the person will hit me or may not be able to avoid me. Thats why its important to gauge the speed that the person is going, and its really hard to do that with people on bikes. Because of that when I took my Motorcycle Safety Course, it was recommended that we always ride defensively and watch the speed limits, so that we had enough time to react to anyone or anything jumping out in front of us.

      • El gato

        I am a biker, and I hate people who commit ROW violations, but if this bike was actually coming at 75 mph, the driver of the car would never have imagined how quickly it would be coming. Lately it seems that most bike accidents are happening with sport bikes. Slow down people! Don’t make excuses for speeders going 40 over the limit! I have no sympathy for bikers who are idiots on the road!

  • Deniece Luckett

    Sad two people lost their lives. The family has my prayers, and condolences. I ask that god gives these two families the strength, and power to deal with their loses to the best of their ability. i will be praying for the families. May the two R.I.P GOD BLESS.

  • Deniece Luckett

    Sad two people lost their lives. The families has my prayers, and condolences. I ask that god gives these two families the strength, and power to deal with their loses to the best of their ability. i will be praying for the families. May the two R.I.P. GOD BLESS!!!

  • Munchysmommy

    I just don’t see why how fast the bike was going makes any difference especially seeing as the people on the bike were heading straight and the driver was making a left turn. It would be different if they struck a child or tree, but no, they hit a car that wasn’t suppose to be there! Smh R.I.P and my condolences to the family.

    And yes the families of the victims should sue the other driver and get what is in titled to them! Especially if there’s no life insurance for either victim.

    Love and peace

  • Miko

    First off, English helps to understand what someone is trying to say. Second, condolences to the family. Third speed is a factor. Four, Hupy? LOL, really?! Has there even been a funeral and or facts put out and we are talking lawsuits? That is exactly why a cap has been put on lawsuits. Period.

  • Michele

    My deepest sympathy & condolences to Del. I remember when Destinee was just a little girl. You would watch Kristena for me. I’m so sorry for your loss. I’m praying that God can & will give you strength to see some relief soon. Praying for Eric as well & the man driving the motorcycle & his family. Destinee will truly be missed!

  • Alexis

    Hearts are very saddened at this tragic time. Prayers and condolences to Del and her family, and to Destinee’s dad and his. God please watch over these families give them STRENGTH that they will need. Love you Del!

  • Scott

    If the bike was travelling at an extreme rate of speed, that is the vehicle in the intersection that does not belong. The driver of the car was not making an illegal left turn, just a left turn. The excessive speed (if found to be a cause) of the motorcycle means it is the vehicle being illegally operated, just as if the driver was impaired, and will be found to be at fault here. Happens WAY too often here in Vegas, and is sad for the victims, but does not change the facts.

    • Paddy McQ

      You say the motorcycle didn’t belong in the intersection because it was exceeding the speed limit? Can you show me where it says this in the Vehicle Code? Seems a silly statement. And most motorcycle/car accidents are a result of a car turning left in front of a motorcycle. They were likely not “illegal left turns” but what does that matter? Or is this just semantics? The motorcycle wouldn’t have crashed into the car had the car not been positioned in oncoming traffic. Speeding MAY be dangerous but pulling out in front of someone is ALWAYS dangerous. I find it unfair that speed implies guilt regardless of the other person’s stupidity.

      • Jaymes Deen

        Thats why they call it “defensive driving” ever heard of it? You must drive and ride conscious that there may be other people out there that dont belong on the road and could cause serious harm to you. Best way to do that is SLOW THE HECK DOWN, it will give you the best chance to Avoid the accident or Brake before the accident. If you are on a Bike the Rider should know this. They teach you this in Motorcycle Safety Class, thats why its people should take the class, and actually follow the tips in it, it could save your life one day.

      • jackie

        If the biker wouldn’t have been speeding, it’s likely there wouldn’t have been a crash either. It is not always the fault of the person driving the car.

  • B Who...

    Bottom line… Cars don’t respect bikes and bikes don’t respect cars… Everyone’s in a hurry with no place to be… Beyond sad! Clearly whatever the rush was wasn’t worth the price that was paid! Grow up and pay attn people…

    • Jaymes Deen

      The Majority of rider that I see on the road, are always riding faster then the cars around them, “why” i ask myself? Why not go at there speed? Whats the Rush? Why weave in and out? Why tailgate? Why Split Lanes? Just slow down and save your life!


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