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Tables turned: Trucker takes trooper to task after being pulled over

ILLINOIS (WITI) — A truck driver traveling through Illinois last week claims he saw a  state trooper speeding while talking on his cell phone.

The truck driver, Brian Miner, decided to show his disapproval of the trooper’s actions by honking his horn.

The trooper than pulled Miner over, and threatened to give him a ticket for unlawful use of a horn.

However, after Miner tells the trooper he is being recorded, he changes his tune.

Watch the exchange in the video below.



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  • jackie

    Good for this guy!! It’s about time someone called out a cop for something like this!! first he admitted talking on his phone and speeding, then he came back and denied it!! lol what an idiot.

  • Mind Your Business!

    Know your roll! You are a truck driver not the police. You talk about him thinking he is above the law. Are you above being a truck driver and driving your truck. You are what is wrong with America, everyone worrying about what everyone else is doing instead of worrying about themselves. How do you know he wasn’t responding to an incident that didn’t require lights and sirens but he still needed to get there some what quickly. Now you honk your horn because you think it’s your job as a TRUCK DRIVER to police the police, he thinks you need assistance and waste his time. If I were him I would have wrote you that ticket and probably arrested you for Disorderly Conduct due to your disrespectful tone and comments at the beginning of the conversation. Yeah it wouldn’t have gone anywhere but have fun explaining it to your boss. How do we know this cop was speeding or talking on his cell phone? You were so quick to record your conversation but you couldn’t record him speeding and talking on his phone. Mind your business and drive the truck, YOU ARE A TRUCK DRIVER!!!!

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