Heart-wrenching story: Dog rescued after waiting a year for owner to return

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(WITI) — Grab a tissue and prepare yourself for a touching rescue story. This video from Eldad Hager, the founder of Hope for Paws, shows the heart-wrenching story of Woody, an abandoned dog.

According to Huffington Post, when Woody’s owner died, the family sold the house and left him on the doorstep.

For over a year, Woody waited under a nearby shop.

When Woody was finally found by Hagar, his spirit was completely shattered and he refused to eat.

However, Woody’s life began to turn around after Hope for Paws rescued him.



  • Kim Blazek

    Thank God for Hope for paws! I follow them on fb and he is the most wonderful human being! I agree with Melissa on the “family” that left him behind. They should be charged with animal neglect and cruelty!

  • Steph Wink

    I was so happy to see the rescuers reach out and pet him IMMEDIATELY. Most people wouldn’t touch that either a – looked like this one did at the time they found him or b – would have waited to see what a ‘professional’ would say about any possible aggressiveness. Great heart-warming video.

  • Steph Wink

    I also have to add that I agree 100% about charging the family with animal neglect. Pets are part of human families. All they had to do was take him to the local humane society. Heck, they probably could have just called and they may have come to pick him up. I would also like to know, if neighbors cared enough to give him food and water, why did it take THEM a year to call??? It’s just like a newborn baby. Instead of tossing it into a dumpster or leave it on the side of the road, take it to a ‘safe place’ (such as a hospital or fire station for an infant or S.P.C.A. or Humane Society for an animal). Ignorance is NOT a valid excuse. People who do this make me sick to my stomach. We can’t have pets (per our lease), but as soon as we move, I plan to rescue my next 4 legged child. God bless all the neglected and abused animals.

  • Shawn E

    Why didn’t the neighbors call their local humane society or animal control??? A year is a long time to wait for someone else to help him!

  • Claire M.

    The family that sold the home should be charged with abandonment or neglect. I’ll bet they didn’t forget to pick up the check, after the sale of the home. ..

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