“I’m just really tired of what’s going on:” Another shooting in Milwaukee, another innocent victim

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MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- The gun violence in Milwaukee continues -- and another innocent victim is shot. Milwaukee police are investigating after a 20-year-old woman was shot as she was standing at a bus stop on Thursday morning, July 31st.

It happened shortly before 11:00 a.m., in the 4200 block of N. 27th Street.

Police say the woman was shot as she stood at the bus stop -- from rounds fired by a suspect likely shooting at a passing car.

She was taken to the hospital for treatment of non life-threatening injuries.

Demetria Darling says she heard four to six shots.

"After I put my kids on the floor, I ran outside and I heard the girl -- the 20-year-old girl at the bus stop screaming just like, 'I got shot. I got shot.' I ran over to calm her down and a man came out and put the shirt around her leg to stop it and she was bleeding real bad," Darling said.

FOX6 News has obtained surveillance video that shows a white SUV headed north, and a white car headed south.

The SUV, witnesses say, was an Escalade.

The surveillance video shows that vehicle stop, and shots are fired at the car.

The video then shows the car take off -- as the Escalade makes a U-turn to follow it.

A bullet hit the young woman waiting for a bus with her sister at a nearby bus stop. The video shows the woman falling to the ground after she was struck in the leg.

"I was just talking to her and making sure that she calmed down -- had her doing breathing -- telling her to breathe as she was feeling the burning sensation. I'm just really tired of what's going on around here. I got a one and two-year-old an it's just not safe. It's not," Darling said.

Witnesses say there were several people -- including young children near the bus stop at the time of the shooting. Many ran from the gunfire. Trammel Currin was one of them.

"After the white Escalade came, all I heard was the gunshots going off. The white Escalade stopped traffic. Everyone stopped behind him and you heard four shots going off. I was about to take off because I heard the shots. I turned around and all I saw was the girl at the bus stop crying and holding her leg," Currin said.

The surveillance video obtained by FOX6 News shows a car stop near the bus stop. Witnesses say the man inside took off his own shirt and tied it around the bleeding woman's leg.

"It's not fair. All these innocent people dying -- just getting harmed from these ignorant dudes out here. Whoever it is -- you just need to go back home," Darling said.

Just last week, Pastor John McVicker stood behind Milwaukee's Police Chief and Mayor at 37th and Hadley -- as they condemned the reckless shooting that injured two children.

"It's almost as if the message is falling upon deaf ears. We have to continue to drive home the same message -- that maybe people learn by repetition. I think we did when we were kids, so I think it's the same way. Truth has to be continued to be hammered until someone gets the message," McVicker said.

The investigation is ongoing -- and police say no one is in custody.


  • Michelle Phillips

    I sincerely hope thqt you are not implying that riding the bus in the “ghetto” is somehow inappropriate behavior that one should avoid if one wants to keep from getting shot. Clearly, you must never have ridden a vus. If you want to get from point a to point b, you don’t get to choose your route. You have to take the routes designated by the bus. If you have to transfer buses, then that sometimes means standing outside on a corner in a not so safe part of town. This could have happened to anybody….a businessman going home from downtown, a student going to register at a new high school…or a twenty year old woman headed to a job interview. These people getting hit are innocent…meaning that they have no responsibility or blame in the matter. To imply otherwise is itself irresponsible.

  • perhaps

    I used to live in the hood. Before I could drive a car I was robbed twice, once at gunpoint and once with a knife…I moved out of the hood and have been drama free for a long time now. It doesn’t happen everywhere, and alot has to do with how the kids are raised. Move to a better neighborhood, live around better behaved people. I could stand on any bus stop, anywhere around here, for a week straight and not be hit by some random gunfire. And when guns go off over here, the suspects get caught and arrested. For the crybabies who want to cry racism, I live 15 minutes from where this happened in a very diverse neighborhood…The difference is the neighbors here all stick together, have each others’ backs, and watch out for each other, each others’ kids, anything suspicious or crime related gets reported immediately, etc. When I move, I don’t look for places in the ghetto, at all, I don’t care I’ll pay a couple hundred more $ per month or whatever and stay flat broke if necessary to avoid the unnecessary BS of living on those sides of town. So, in short, Shelly you’re right…if you don’t like it then move somewhere else

    • Michelle Phillips

      I have nonproblem agreeing that there are areas that are safe and areas that are not. However, I will not agree with the implication that places blaame on those at the bus stop. That is just ridiculous. Thats like saying its your fault for getting shot in a driveby when you drive too close to your old neighborhood.I believe I holdimg the criminals resresponsible, not the victims.

  • Lone ranger

    The thugs and gangs are taking over Milwaukee at some point they will over power the police. It will be just like Mexico where the police run and hide from the gangs. Friday will hear put down the gun’s and the beat goes on! Who want’s to bet that these thugs who did the shooting have been through the system multiple times slapped on the wrist and let back out on the streets? This thug should be put away for life! It won’t stop until we stop releasing these animals from previous crimes they have already committed! Why can’t highly educated city leaders and judges see this?

    • RF Pigeons

      Research shows that incarcerated people who are released do not become rehabilitated and are actually more likely to become repeat-offenders. Prisons are actually part of the cause of crime, esp. considering children being sent through the juvenile prison system. It mentally destroys them. They’re not animals. They’re just people who have lived a life in poverty and desperation. It doesn’t excuse their behavior at all, and they are the ones to blame, not the people in the bus stops. But since people of color have a higher rate of getting arrested (and many times falsely so–just recently some guy blew a 0.00 when he was pulled over and still got arrested!), there are high rates of poverty and unemployment, you see increased crime. End poverty, end the majority of crime in these neighborhoods. To do that we need to end racism and classism, and part of the solution is dismantling and ending capitalism.

      I doubt many of you will agree with me, however. I know what territory I am in. I encourage you all to look for alternatives to the life we’re living.

      • 2econd

        ” I encourage you all to look for alternatives to the life we’re living.” typical liberal response, it’s up to everyone else to “figure out” how to “fix” your situation. Just because your not wealthy doesn’t mean you need to live like an animal! Also, you say that incarceration is part of the problem, well, these guys aren’t being incarcerated for any length of time, hence the reason they are out shooting innocent people..

    • Things Don't Change

      “Thugs???” – Do you remember when Milwaukee Police Captain Glenn Frankovis was FIRED for using the word “thugs” in his send off to officers (like “..get the thugs…”) after roll call? Look it up.
      Liberals just talk, march, shout but can’t make a change. Then they want more money. My sincere sympathy to those trapped in MKE.

  • Mick

    97% of the gunshots we hear are from hunters, where we live… The other 3% are from idiots on New Years Eve…

  • JB

    There is a severe lack of consistent male authority figures present in the youngstas lives. Whether it be the police, a father, uncle, pastor, big brother, mentor, whoever, there is no consistency in discipline, structure, responsibility, and accountability. There is no teaching of morals, values, respect, integrity ethics, and self worth. Parents teaching kids to be “my lil gangstas”, or ” soldiers” before the can read or write. Too dismissive of what is really going on in their child’s life. Too concerned about keeping tabs on a man or woman. Too concerned about where they can get their next bag of weed, or the next “lick” they can hit. Glorifying material items, but ignoring education. No leadership. The saddest part of it all is that it is gradually getting worse. When you don’t want nothing out of life, an don’t care about your own, you are naturally not going to care about anybody else. Selfish, wicked mentality. The saddest part is that the youth do not learn from others mistakes. Ignorant thought process of it will not happen to me, above the law, invincible. Fat meat is greasy.

  • Jennifer

    I also used to live very close to this location and for a very short period (two weeks) I took the bus to school. Yeah my parents found another alternative for my transportation because of all the violence. I am not saying that the victim is at fault, of course she isn’t. But i don’t think she will be standing at that bus stop anymore. If you know that its a very bad area day or night, then you should know to avoid it. I’ll give an example. In Mexico all of the horror that is occurring over there, people can’t sit outside their homes after 7pm, why because of all the violence. So what do they do, They don’t go outside at night… Common sense you avoid the danger. I know its impossible for everyone to avoid it because not everyone can afford to move to a better neighborhood, but maybe now they should really look into finding a safer place. The violence isn’t going to stop, at one time many many years ago that was a safe area, well not anymore and i doubt it will be ever again. So then what do you do knowing that, stay or move? Well, i moved…

  • Mike

    Absolutely ridiculous. These animals run the streets that decent American taxpaying citizens are paying for. If I had it my way they would send in the national guard and slaughter every gang member found. These are punks. You people, and you know who you are, need to take back your own neighborhoods and quit looking for others to take care of the problem. You can blame society etc etc but at some point you have to say its our problem and we need to take care of it. You people are to complacent.

    • Things Don't Change

      Milw. Co. Sheriff Clarke has it right – Milwaukee judges have a “catch and release” attitude for these ongoing criminals. Even MPD Capt. Fynn gave stats for these ongoing criminals causing MOST of the havoc.
      Why are they getting out of jail? Teenagers causing such shooting crimes MUST be charged AS ADULTS.

  • Reagan 84

    Execute “all” violent criminals (no death row),ALL people on Gov assistance have to do some kind of 40hr a week work or get cut off completely, and sterilize those men and women who have kids at us taxpayers expense.

  • Andrew Fox

    Something Has to Change! Is there a rubber bullet salesman anywhere?

    Another innocent person was gunned down last night by a rookie cop who probably never intended to kill his victim. So I’ll ask why we can’t arm all cops with rubber bullets. Heck, at least the rookie cops would suffice; it will save both the hard working cop and his family and even the victims from a lot of grief.

    Honestly, who’s not sick of innocent people getting killed senselessly? All living things in this world have a right to live. Any crime cannot be bigger than anyone’s life. Now a day, many organizations have taken up this topic of not taking life of any one as punishment of any crime.

    So I ask who’s in charge of making the decision to arm rookie cops with lethal instead of non-lethal ammunition. And can we fix it?

    What are the rubber bullets and does anyone care?
    Rubber bullets are also known as rubber baton-rounds, which are basically rubber-coated or rubber projectiles. These can be fired either from a standard firearm or a dedicated riot gun. These are internationally tried as the non-lethal alternatives to the metal projectiles. Plain and simple, it’s a better alternative than what we now have.

    Why cops should use it?
    For a peaceful society, there should be some fear, so that people think twice before doing any crime and to satisfy all these needs, the rubber bullets seem to be the best option. Simple reason here being, these bullets don’t take precious lives in the least but can still harm and make the people frightened from doing wrong. Hence cops should use rubber bullets to serve both purposes at the same time.

    Thus, with so many plus points already in its kitty, it won’t be a problem to imagine that “all bullets should be rubber bullet”. With the rubber bullet you can catch the thieves, without any danger to lives. It will no more be a heinous mistake on any cop’s part as there is no longer a need to take away someone’s life. The criminal is caught and crime is safely handled by the rubber gun. It does not kill you, but with the other aspects, keeps you safe from the criminals and protects your house and commercials sites as well, with proper security. So this time you can shop for a bullet without any lethal results.

    The peace of mind is the sole aim. As you are now aware of the fact that you’ll be able to protect yourself with lesser chances of hurting the innocent or the loved ones, the society is just as clean as your conscience! The rubber bullets are great for target shooting, for training indoors or outdoors. Each of the rounds provides fun experiences for the shooters with lesser accidents, misfortune events and danger.

    I can thus, say confidently that almost every bullet used by a cop should be a rubber bullet, so that we can change our society to place where innocent people don’t get killed by cops by accident. Seems like a fair request, anyone agree ?

    By Andrew Fox, a concerned citizen.

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