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Wedding party runs from giant T-Rex in photo that’s going viral, and if you look closely – a SURPRISE!

TORONTO, CANADA (WITI) — Another epic wedding photo is going viral — and this one might be the best of them all!

The photo was taken by photographer Adam Biesenthal — and shows the wedding party running from a giant Tyrannosaurus Rex — “crashing” their party!

Used with permission from Adam Biesenthal Photography

Used with permission from Adam Biesenthal Photography

That’s epic, in and of itself — but if you look closely, you’ll see the best part of this photo.

Right in the middle, in the gray suit — is Jeff Goldblum!!!

Goldblum is famous for many roles, but perhaps one of his most iconic was that of Dr. Ian Malcolm in Jurassic Park in which he famously ran from a T-Rex.

The wedding photographer, Adam Biesenthal gave permission to FOX6’s sister station, Q13FOX in Seattle, Washington to use the photo — and he also confirmed the backstory.

As it turns out, Goldblum was a guest at the wedding. Q13FOX reports Goldblum’s own fiancee is friends with the bride, and when asked to participate in the photo, he gladly obliged.

CLICK HERE to visit Biesenthal’s website to learn more about his photography.

You can “follow” Biesenthal on Twitter @BiesenthalPhoto

CLICK HERE for more on this story via Q13FOX.

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