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YIKES! Oklahoma family gets the surprise of a lifetime when opening a case of water from Walmart

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

OKLAHOMA (WITI) — YIKES! An Oklahoma family got the surprise of a lifetime when they opened a case of water bottles they had just purchased at a Walmart store.

The family got home — and their daughter suddenly started screaming upon opening the case of water.

So what was inside?!



  • Melissa Thomas

    It’s not Walmart’s fault. Snakes will climb in places that are cool and shaded. Just a simple natural accident.

    • JC

      Excuse me, it is Walmarts fault too, there are openings on either end. How do you think 95% of the customers pick the water up……DUH!!!

  • Jennifer

    This is not the local walmart falt. The snake could have come from anywhere. It could have got in there from the warehouse

  • Lori

    How do we know that the snake didn’t climb in there after she opened it? The snake could have been in her house. Those waters are packed so tightly together, I find it hard to believe that one could have gotten in there like that. Im not saying it’s impossible but I just doubt it.

  • Will Stewart

    Snakes can climb in very small spaces. This isn’t surprising in the least. So nature is somewhat offended that we are so intrusive…… We should get over ourselves….

  • Alaina Animosity

    If the rattlesnake had been in there the whole time, wouldn’t it have rattled LONG before the girl opened it? I mean I’m just saying, you get a few feet from these things and they start.

  • Jolene

    No they don’t. They stack them in the back room on tall shelves. At least, that’s where they are supposed to store their water.

    • teresa

      It is a big warehouse, more than likely there are snakes and mice and rats in the warehouse. they find their ways in thru the crack and crevices. they are there you can’t blame the business. they do their best but the creepy crawlers get in!

  • Sheila

    That is not a rattle snake, it is either a checked garter or a harlequin snake. Either way it looks as though where ever it was hiding before it climbed into that water case it had eaten really well. My guess is either wal mart or that household has a few less mice thanks to that snake. Shame they killed it. Plus ever pick up one of those cases the bottle move and rub together all over the place if it was in the case in wal mart he probably would have vacated shortly after you started moving it all over the place. My guess it was in their home and climbed in there where ever they were storing it at.

  • Jon Boone

    It is a rattlesnake. Specifically, a western pygmy rattlesnake (Sisturus miliarius streckeri) the western form and does occur naturally in the state of Oklahoma. Pgymy rattlesnakes are not only named as such for being small, but also having very small rattles on tip of tail that are barely visible to the eye.

  • Blue Diab

    It is indeed a juvenile rattler. Juvenile rattlesnakes don’t yet have enough “rattles” to make noise when threatened.

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  • linda ferguson

    I once owned a Kawasaki dealership. We gota similar surprise in a crate of two motorcycles. When we took the cover off, there was a cold, sluggish 6ft Canebreak Rattler inside. That was 1974. Still haven’t forgotten it.

  • Doubting Tomasina

    BS detector on, watch for a lawsuit. The ends are not sealed on those packages. I cannot fathom the snake sitting silently while they picked up, loaded into cart, finished shopping, checking out and then loaded into car. Not clear but it sounds like they must have got it all the way into the house? And the snake sat in place silently? hmmmmm……

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