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DEVELOPING: Two New York City police officers shot in the Bronx

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

(CNN) — Two New York City police officers were shot Monday evening in the Bronx, the department said.

Both are expected to survive.

The officers were responding to a robbery call when they were shot — one in the elbow, the other in the back, the department said.

The shooter is still at large.

CLICK HERE to monitor this story via FOX6’s sister station, PIX11 in New York.


  • tell the truth

    No public outrage..when this happens..reverse if theybwoukd have protected themselves their lives. …

    • Think Before Thinking

      No… People that’s in the act of a crime is killed everyday!!! Period!!!! It just doesn’t make the news… Its when people are killed,while not armed or in the act of a crime is killed,by those who are hired to protect them,that’s when its a problem.. Officers know the dangers of the job when they pledged to protect.. If u was to follow up on news in Los Angeles/Chicago you would see that officer get in shoot outs on a daily.. Lol… On this situation, the robbers just got the “jump” on the officers and shot first..

  • REAGAN 84

    Libertarians and the black community DON’T care about crime unless they can blame Whitey and sue for money. Perfect example is all the co-sleeping murders,NO outrage or protests. Little kids getting shot,NO protesting.

  • Micky

    Although I don’t believe this is an act of vigilant means, I think a few are taking the “By Any Means Necessary” too far. Time to vote and use our voice to get the elected to do their job or resign.

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