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He thought he hit it big on a lottery scratch-off ticket, but lottery officials had some bad news

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

NEW MEXICO (WITI) — A New Mexico man thought he hit it big on a lottery ticket, but lottery officials say it was all a mistake.

In December, John Wines bought a scratch-off lottery ticket at a gas station in Roswell, New Mexico.

As he started scratching, he came across multiple winning numbers totaling over $500,000. However, the maximum prize for the ticket is $250,000.

Source: NBC VOD

Source: NBC VOD

“There’s one right here for $250,000. Right below that is another one and it’s a $250,000 winner,” Wines said.

Wines thought he hit the big one, but he says when he went to the gas station to get his money, the gas station attendant had some bad news.

“I took it back in and she told me ‘that is not a winner. ‘” They told me that it was a misprint and they don’t pay off for misprints,” Wines said.

Wines says he contacted the New Mexico Lottery. Lottery officials replied by email saying, “We did find a flaw in that particular pack of tickets and it’s been reported to our printer. Thanks for bringing this to our attention. I did complete a reconstruction of your ticket and it was not a winner.”

Wines begs to differ.

“I mean, if you thought you won $500,000 and somebody tells you that you didn’t, and you can prove to them you did, it’s pretty stressful for somebody to say, ‘no you’re not getting your money.’ If it was $50 or $75, I would not think a thing about it. But this is $500,000. That’s a half-million,” Wines said.

According to KOB, the New Mexico Lottery did offer Wines $100 in lottery tickets.


    • bthoma

      What policy, the policy on the back of the ticket just like Wisconsin CLAIMS that they do not Pay MISTAKES… The scanned barcode is accurate to the best of our knowledge.. While I do think this policy is screwed up… It does say it on the back of the ticket…

  • Sean hot

    Clearly this lottery ticket is a “winner” it says on the card. The lottery company just has fancy lawyers that operate using manipulative language so they will get away without paying. A financial award should be given to the “victim” for psychlogical distress

    • Victoria M.

      It does not say it on the card, and contrary to what a person might like to believe, the writing under the numbers reveals their true identity; eighteen and thirteen were NOT winners. People are far too eager to ignore reality in favour of these ridiculous spoiled-child complaints about “government corruption”. It’d be awesome if that energy could be spent on positives actions, instead of throwing tantums.

    • Aron Comte

      Look at both the ones carefully u can see part of an 8 in one and a 2 in the other what he thought was ones were 12 and 18 even under the number it shows et which means 18 and two which means 12

  • Reality


  • McCoy

    If you every played the lottery. You would know they print the numbers in words and it clearly says eighteen and thirteen…. Not one!!!!! So he’s not a winner!!!!!!

  • stacie

    I think he deserves the win. The lottery makes millions and $250.00 or even $500.00 is nothing to them. It’s not fair to make a mistake like, and the purchaser of the ticket have to suffer the repercussion. He deserves the win

    • Larry

      Add some zeros. It’s $250,000.00 – $500,000.00
      Also, you tel there was another number behind the 1’s and under the number, there’s an abbreviation of the real number.

  • Dennis

    look at the letters below the numbers you can tell thay don’t match the numbers above them and you can see one is 18 not 1 another is 12 not 1

  • Annett

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  • Lakesha

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  • Holly

    He bought the ticket not knowing it was a misprint on it. That’s the lottery responsible. I hope they a least pay him. More than 100.00 bucks

  • BoogieBoogieAvenue

    You can ABSOLUTELY see that there are other numbers after the “1” and you can see that the word underneath that tells what it is also says “TW” which is obviously the start of twelve and “ET” which is obviously the start of eighteen. You can see about one fifth of that second digit there after that 1. I mean honestly now this one is a little weird moreso because of there being more than one $250,000 winners on ONE ticket when that is supposedly the TOP prize. The whole thing, to me, seems like there is something wrong there. However- that is not to say he didn’t buy it in good faith. They should give him some sort of a “winning loser” type of prize of a thousand dollars and the one hundred in scratchee tickets as well. Don’t you think that would make things better all around?

  • Mark

    This guy seriously thought he won $500,000 on a $250,000 ticket? The numbers are clearly cut off. And the numbers he thinks are winners aren’t even centered in the box. Perfect example of why tickets have the abbreviaions under the numerical values is because of guys like this. How he would even remotely think he’s won and go running to the media is laughable.

  • Carrie

    That is so not right. Just ask the irs because that system works from both sides. But i understand how from a financial standpoint how they couldnt possibly afford to pay it out, unless taking it out of the rest of that games tickets by putting out all losers until it paid off the mistake. It was more than fair of them to offer him more than he paid for the goofed up ticket but should have been 100 bucks in cash because its kind of insulting to say here is 100 bucks you can spend only on more tickets in which odds are you wont win on any of them anyhow. If that happened to me playing more lottery is the last thing id ever want to do. Not cool final answer.

  • Carrie

    Well if that ticket game was the type where if you match 3 like prizes then yeah id really believe its a winner . I dont care how the rest of the technicalities aforementioned look

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