“When it’s a game like this, it’s all green and gold:” Milwaukee bars get set for big game

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MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- Packers fans are watching their clocks tick down the hours until Sunday's kickoff. Downtown Milwaukee bar owners are preparing for the possible wave of fans that game could bring.

When you think of sports bars in Milwaukee, Major Goolsby's is often at the top of that list. The place is a fan favorite on any game day -- they're currently making sure everything is ready to go for Sunday's big game.

On any given night, the 40-some television screens at Major Goolsby's are tuned in to any combination of sports you can think of.

But on Sunday, they're not anticipating many, or even ANY requests other than 'the game.'

"We hope everyone is here for the same common cause," said Amanda Kaye, Manager at Major Goolsby's.

When you're part of Packers nation, it's totally normal to sport green and gold. Though this week it feels a bit like Wisconsin has forgotten there are other colors out there. Expect Sunday to be an even greater show of solidarity.

"When it's a game like this, it's all green and gold," said Kaye.

The truly faithful live and die with the team's victories and defeats.

Perhaps the hottest conversation topic this week, the calf of a certain quarterback. It's enough to give some fans jitters the night before the game.

"I'm very excited. I'm a little nervous, I'm hoping Rodgers, you know, the calf doesn't bother him too much because he's going to have to be mobile. They're going to be after him and they're going to flush him out of that pocket," said Nathan Hoernke, Packers fan.

Whatever happens, you can expect the crowd at Goolsby's to hang on the Pack's every play. The manager tells FOX6 News normally they're a hot spot for fans of all affiliations to come congregate -- but this Sunday, Seattle fans beware.

"They are welcome to have a seat but we would hope they'd be smart enough to maybe find a Seahawks' bar in town, which I don't think there is one," said Kaye.

Tomorrow they're hoping lots of fans choose to come collectively cheer with their fellow Green Bay fans -- and they've got Packers specials ready for them.