Racine 7th grader earns right to play Carnegie Hall: “It’s just me and my violin”

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RACINE (WITI) -- If you listen, you'll be able to hear, a talent that stretches beyond the halls of McKinley Middle School. 7th grader Ellie Lutterman plays the violin.

"On the weekend when I have some spare time, I'll play one or two hours," said Lutterman. "After school if I don't have any homework, I'll play one or two hours again."

And all that practice is paying off. She's now getting the opportunity only a handful of musicians are afforded.

"I broke down crying right there. Oh my gosh, it was such a shock. I was so happy," said Lutterman.

It all started with a trip to the principal's office. A flurry of emotions were going through Lutterman as she as walking through the hallway. But she was surprised by her parents and principal with the news that she was accepted to play with the Honors Junior Orchestra at Carnegie Hall. She was selected through an application process.

Aside from taking her to New York City, playing the violin has helped Lutterman with personal struggles including bullying and being diagnosed with epilepsy in January 2014.

"It hurt. It was really hard at first. At first it didn't seem as bad as it got over time," said Lutterman.

What started as a hobby, has helped Lutterman conquer and achieve her wildest dreams.

"Nothing can stop me. It's just me and my violin," said Lutterman.

Lutterman's family flies to New York City on June 23rd. She'll take the stage at Carnegie Hall on the 27th.