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“It’s OUR city:” With violence seemingly at an all-time high, “Heal the Hood” movement promotes peace

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MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- It was another violent weekend in Milwaukee -- though significantly less so when compared with last weekend, when Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett marked Ceasefire Sabbath on the heels of more than a dozen incidents. We saw one homicide in Milwaukee this weekend, with police called out to the scene of at least four shootings. But it wasn't enough to deter folks who took part in a "Heal the Hood" event on Milwaukee's north side -- promoting peace and positivity, and discouraging violence.

If violence pushes a community down, peace will lift it up. And on Sunday, May 24th in Milwaukee, peace had a pulse.

Akilah Young

Akilah Young

Akilah Young was near 9th and Ring on Sunday with a message she hopes the entire city will hear.

"It's Milwaukee. It's my city. It's our city -- and the violence is in an uproar so we want to get the focus off of the negativity and get it on to something more positive," Young said.

Block parties were organized as part of the fourth annual "Heal the Hood" event -- highlighting positive things happening on Milwaukee's north side.

"We never thought about doing it every year. We never thought about doing the resource fair, the giveaways and these type of things. We literally just wanted to do a block party and it grew into what you see here," Ajamou Butler, who founded the "Heal the Hood" movement.

heal the hood

The movement has grown. In 2014, organizers began planning block parties twice a year. Volunteers served food to go along with the entertainment, which included an African drum and dance ensemble.

Young says it was just last month when his own aunt was shot and seriously injured in a carjacking near 50th and Locust.

"We brought her here today just to kind of help lift her spirits and hope other people will see it's not always bad," Young said.

This is a movement that aims to show positive is possible and already prevalent. Sometimes you just have to make a bit of noise so people can hear it.

CLICK HERE to learn more about Milwaukee's "Heal the Hood" movement.

Heal the Hood

Heal the Hood


  • Ghetto Grandma

    Hoodies need to start snitching on their thug rats for all the murder and robbery and mayhem they have commited over the years on entitlement money. People are so sick and tired of constant inflow of money to the baby momma thug creators with long arse nails and loud mouths. Good black folk don’t like ya’ll kind.

  • really

    Personal responsibility and accountability. .hard work and sacrifice. ..zero tolerance for crime..dont blame anyone but yourself ..take the right road to true freedom..freedom feom government handouts. .get educated..dont have children you.cannot or.dont love enough to nurture and support. .zero tolerance for theft.drugs.gangs…act like responsible…people…spend more.time reading..working..then you do protesting…how anyone has all that free time escapes me.I am working.doing yardwork.taking classes working at church.taking care of my family and responsibilities…I have no time to spend hot grossing. On other peoples donations to make Scotsman create havoc..spend more time working for a.paycheck.then a handout…that is the American dream…..life liberty and the pursuit of happiness is not the government handout you receive once a month…that is what is wrong with the hood

  • chris

    Nothing promotes peace like banging drums and Shaka Zulu dancing. Anytime you get a group of blacks together it can almost always never end peacefully.

  • Marie

    I think this is a great thing. The young man who created Heal the hood much respect to you. Having something positive can help strength the community.

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