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New Jersey girl suspended from elementary school for wearing wrong shade of green

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

SICKLERVILLE, NJ — An 8-year-old girl received a one-day suspension from her southern New Jersey public elementary school for wearing a shirt that was the wrong shade of green.

The girl’s mother tells WTXF-TV that Winslow Township Elementary School No. 4 sent her daughter home Tuesday for wearing a kelly green polo shirt, which was deemed to be in violation of the Camden County school’s dress code.

The school’s dress code specifies that shirts and blouses may only be white, darkgreen or navy.

Winslow Township School’s code on dress and grooming says “school attire can influence a pupil’s behavior and potentially impact the academic environment.”

Other parents have reported that their children were suspended for wearing wrong colored shirts as well.

The girl’s mother called the suspension “a little ridiculous.”


  • Matt

    Just another example of ignorant know nothing school administrators on a power trip. Annoys me to no end when I read articles like this in the news. If that girl was my kid, I would take her to do something fun but educational (zoo, museum, aquarium) then tell her to tell her teachers all about her “day off”. For kicks, I might send her back in the same color shirt that got her suspended with a note from the school that Dark Green is too vague of a description and too open to interpretation and that if there are any issues, to contact my attorney.

  • Idiots

    I don’t understand the problem. The school hands the rules out every year and the parent/s agree to put their children in that school. Sounds to me like they made an agreement. This school gave i list of items that can be worn. This is way better than the schools that have the statement about anything that can be determined as distracting. That’s vague.

    • svchost

      If they wanted her to wear a particular shade of green, they should’ve provided printed swatches to compare to. Anything less and it becomes a matter of interpretation and the student should at least be given a warning before suspension.

  • Z

    I see one commenter on here gets it.

    When will everyone else realize that the ADMINISTRATORS are to blame for all these ridiculous stories you hear about!

    Most of these people started off as terrible teachers who couldn’t cut it in the classroom setting so they went and got their “Administrative degree” and now get power trips because they can beat their chests and make all the important decisions.

    I know first hand as I witnessed this when I taught at the high school level for 5 years. Poor administration was one of the main reasons I made a career change.

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