132 new American citizens: Naturalization ceremony held at MATC’s downtown campus

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MILWAUKEE -- There are now 132 new American citizens.

A special naturalization ceremony was held on Thursday, October 22nd at MATC's downtown Milwaukee campus.

The 132 people who became citizens have been living in the United States for at least five years, or three years if they were married to a citizen.

To become citizens, they have learned American history and English, had to pass a test, and undergo a complete background check.

The 132 new citizens originate from 47 countries.


  • Opinion8d

    So this is what LEGAL IMMIGRATION looks like. Congrats for them-welcome! I hope the treasonous left can see the difference and why it’s important to have strong boards and not accept ILLEGAL immigration -there is a difference. The left always claims -We are a country of immigrants -yes, LEGAL ones. Keep it that way and any government official not protection LEGAL Citizens with strict laws, should be tried and hung as a traitor -it’s time to protect AMERICANs first!!

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