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Officer-involved shooting: 47-year-old Paddock Lake man dies at the hospital; shot by deputy

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KENOSHA COUNTY -- Kenosha County Sheriff's officials on Sunday, October 25th identified a 47-year-old man who died Saturday following an officer-involved shooting.

The victim is identified as Darren Myron Fude.

Officials say Fude died in the emergency room at St. Catherine's Hospital.

The shooting happened near 60th and 236th Avenue in Paddock Lake in Kenosha County shortly before 6:30 p.m. Saturday evening.

We're told one deputy fired at Fude, who was armed with a shotgun. Officials say Fude failed to drop the shotgun when ordered.

Officer-involved shooting in Paddock Lake

Officer-involved shooting in Paddock Lake

No sheriff's deputies were injured during this incident.

The Wisconsin Department of Justice is now investigating, per state law.

The deputy who fired in this case has been placed on administrative leave.

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  • 989

    There is no deadlier gun to have pointed at you then 12 gauge shotgun. I would say the shooting was justified if in fact he was not cooperating with police orders. 12 gauge has terrifying knockdown power.

      • jg

        Jim, are you actually as ignorant as your comment? Stand in front of a 12 filled with birdshot. I got money riding that you get knocked down. Dufus

    • Jackie

      The officers had no right to be there Darren did nothing illegal nor nothing wrong at all and he was not ordered to drop the weapon they unloaded their whole clip as soon as he opened his front door…

  • Kathleen Romanak

    When a Officer says put your gun down , do it , or the Officer is justified , no investigation needed !

    • Jackie

      They didn’t say anything just shot a man dead in front of his children because they found his motorcycle

  • Dino

    This is how it`s done, drop your gun,, well then i`ll drop it for you. shot`s fired suspect un-armed. case closed, no officer hurt. good day,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  • Tina

    We would know exactly how it went down if the officers were wearing cams!. It’s time for the public to demand all local law enforcement be provided with vest cameras. This needs to be a mandatory part of police uniform.
    Lets see, Gun.. uniform.. badge… bullet proof vest… vest cam…….

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