“Growing memories:” Families enjoy a day of play at Basse’s Taste of Country Pumpkin Fest

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COLGATE -- You can get your pumpkin fall fix at Basse's Taste of Country Farm this weekend, as they wrap up another year of Pumpkin Fest! The Basse family opened the annual fair fifteen years ago and it's grown bigger ever since.

Pumpkin Fest

Pumpkin Fest

"Just bigger and bigger every year, we keep adding the next thing and the next thing and then all of a sudden we have 30 plus activities," said Blake Basse, co-owner of Basse Farm.

Pumpkin Fest

Pumpkin Fest

From the train tunnel to barnyard baseball, they even have a corn kernel beach!

"What we are all about is growing memories. If we can put a smile on a face, we're doing our job," said Basse.

Dave and Sheri Pauers brought their kids for the first time.

"We picked a pretty good day, right? No rain, no snow," said Dave Pauers.

Enjoying the fall day, folks were able to enjoy a corn maze and a candy cannon.

"We try to tell people to get here because you can make a whole day of it," said Basse.

Starting out with breakfast, the cafe offers homemade apple cider donuts. Pepper Wood makes them fresh every day and the work is nonstop.

Pumpkin Fest apple cider donuts

Pumpkin Fest apple cider donuts

"We make approximately 14 dozen donuts every half hour, and that continues from 8 in the morning until we have no more customers," said Pepper Wood, Donut Brigade.

It is the place for fun at Pumpkin Fest!

You'll have to run quick to snag an apple cider donut or pumpkin fun, Basse's Taste of Country shuts down for the season next weekend.

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