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#PrayForParis: Support for Paris swells from around the world

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PARIS — As the death toll continues to rise in the aftermath of the attacks in Paris, details of the attacks continued to emerge. Terrorists, some with bombs strapped to them, some with AK-47s, attacked sites across the city. But even as the full horror continued to become clear, support swelled around the city and beyond.

The sentiments #prayforparis and #peaceforparis rippled across Twitter, many accompanied by a poignant image of the Eiffel Tower in a CND symbol.

Buildings around the world, including the Empire State Building in New York, Wembley Stadium in London and Rio de Janeiro’s “Cristo Redentor” statue lit up in France’s national colors of red, white and blue to show their solidarity with the victims and the city of Paris.


While few organizations have an immediate way to respond to those affected by the attacks, there are many organizations that operate in the city and could use donations:

The International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies were born in Paris, and continue to operate there. People everywhere urged those concerned to donate to the organizations.

Another organization whose roots are in France is Médecins Sans Frontières, or Doctors Without Borders. You can donate to their work in France and around the world here.

Those in the United States concerned about loved ones in Paris may call 888-407-4747.


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  • Owusu Mandelson

    is so sad to hear that out of cruelty and wickedness humans are raging war against fellow humans and claiming their lives. May God forgive the terrorists and they must resist from this stupidity.

    To the affected, I say may God protect and guide you from now till then

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