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Remember Columbia House, the mail order retailer that sold tapes & records for a penny?

NEW YORK — Remember Columbia House — the mail order retailer that sold piles of tapes and records for a penny?

The 60-year-old company may be making a comeback, with a nod to its humble beginnings.

John Lippman, who bought the company out of bankruptcy this month, told the Wall Street Journal he planned to bring Columbia House back to its vinyl roots.

No word yet on whether records will be available for a penny.

On a website labeled Columbia House Record Club, the launch is hinted at with an image of a vinyl record on a turntable and the caption “coming soon.” The site adds, “One of the most iconic names in music will return in 2016.”

Columbia House

Columbia House — best known for its teaser offers of tapes, records and eventually CDs for next to nothing — reinvented itself in the 90s as a DVD service, but filed for bankruptcy this year. Parent company Filmed Entertainment filed for bankruptcy protection in a Manhattan court in August, owing as much as $10 million.

Columbia House is currently selling its DVDs for far more realistic prices, like $20 for “Ex Machina” and $24 for “Fear the Walking Dead.” The company lures in new members with the first two DVDs for free.

Vinyl has increased in popularity in years among hipsters, DJs and even baby boomers nostalgic for the old ways of rock n’ roll.

Columbia House did not return messages from CNNMoney.

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