Challenged with snow removal: Milwaukee prepares to tow cars left from winter storm

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MILWAUKEE -- Believe it or not, the winter storm we had on Monday, December 28th is still wreaking havoc. Folks are quickly learning that waiting to dig out will only cause more problems.

Snow removal

Monday's wet and heavy snow has turned into an icy trap for motorists.

"By that time it was ice, so I've been iced in for four days," said Kylie Anzalone, called a tow truck to get car out.

In most cases, tow trucks were the only way to get out, and that's if someone sent for help.Snow removal

"It's going to take a miracle to get this car out," said Sara Ortega.

Ortega is pleased her ride is free and clear.

"This is the first time I've driven around but the side streets are still pretty bad," said Ortega.

By Friday, it's easy to spot the cars that haven't moved and are now marked for towing.snow removal3

"Unfortunately I had to call a tow truck," said Anzalone.

Anzalone avoided a trip to the tow lot.

Dan Vliet returned home from a family vacation to the snow.Snow removal

"I'm very glad to have both my children here. This would be pretty awful without them," said Vliet.

FOX6 News spoke to Milwaukee Alderman Nik Kovac about the tow notices -- he says the city does a good job with giving people enough time to dig out after a big storm -- but it is easy to tell when a car hasn't moved for days and becomes a bigger issue.

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