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Woman wakes up after surgery, discovers her belly button is gone

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

HOUSTON — A Houston woman was shocked when she went into surgery for a tummy tuck to remove her “baby pooch” and came out without a belly button.

“I went in with the belly button and I’d like to know what you did with it? What happened to it? Did you throw it in the trash? Where is it?” Lori Jones asked her doctors, according to KTRK.

Jones, 45, said she decided to have the surgery after a recent C-section because she wanted to “bring sexy back” and wear a two-piece bathing suit.

Jones did her research and had consultations with famous Houston plastic surgeon Dr. Younan Nowzardan. He focuses on gastric-bypass surgeries for overweight patients and has been featured on the TLC show “My 600 Pound Life.”

In December 2015, the doctor performed umbilical hernia removal and tummy tuck surgery on Jones. Weeks later, when Jones removed the surgical tape and gauze, she was socked to see that her belly button was gone.

Jones said Dr.Nowzardan never warned her about losing her belly button.

“We did tell her before and she had a previous surgery and she had a scar and there’s no way you can save that area. I told her that before surgery and after surgery,” Dr. Nowzardan told KTRK.

Jones argued that the doctor said her belly button would be re-sectioned. But Jones said she’d rather settle it in court.

“We can call Hollywood and get an Oscar nomination for her,” Dr. Nowzardan said. He told KTRK that he can recreate a belly button for Jones after six months of healing.


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  • chris m hampton

    It’s O.K . you still look beautiful and pretty with a belly button and you look beautiful and PRetty Without a belly button you can still wear you’re beautiful Bikini and Show if off you’re sexy blank tummy and wear a BIkini you look beautiful and pretty In It You Still Look Sexy with or without a belly button i love you for who you are.

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