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A peek inside Tommy Hilfiger’s NY penthouse, on the market for $69M: “We have too many homes”

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NEW YORK — A sneak peek inside fashion mogul and billionaire Tommy Hilfiger’s New York penthouse — on the market for $69 million.

The duplex penthouse is located inside “The Plaza” on Fifth Avenue in New York’s Central Park.

The Plaza is known as a hotel, but also has residences, most occupied by private billionaires like Hilfiger.

Hilfiger purchased two Plaza apartments in 2007 and broke down walls to create one giant penthouse.

“I heard that they were building apartments in The Plaza and though it would be really cool to live in a hotel because you get the services,” Hilfiger said.

The $25 million in renovations to Hilfiger’s home included, among other things, columns from Monaco, Picassos and Basquiat.

The most unique addition is an “Eloise room” dedicated to The Plaza’s most fictional resident.

Luxury listings are down by about 20 percent — so does that worry Hilfiger when it comes to selling his penthouse?

“My feeling is that triple-a real estate, anywhere in the world, will always hold its value and increase over time. If there is a dip in the market where prices are going down, it’s only a matter of time before they zoom back up,” Hilfiger said.

Hilfiger’s penthouse has been on and off the market for more than two years.

“We are looking for a perfect buyer for a perfect price and that hasn’t happened yet. This is a very special apartment, a unique, duplex penthouse on Fifth Avenue in Central Park. The price is a hefty price — but real estate in this world is expensive and you get what you pay for,” Hilfiger said.

Each room in Hilfiger’s penthouse is different when it comes to color scheme and decor.

“Signature Tommy” is really only found in one place — Hilfiger’s son, Sebastian’s room.

“As Tommy Hilfiger as you get with red, white and blue and nautical motif,” Hilfiger said.

So why is Hilfiger looking to sell his beloved penthouse?

“We reside in Connecticut. We have children in school in Connecticut. We also have a residence in Florida and a couple other places. We have too many homes,” Hilfiger said.


  • Real Reporter

    Katie, do you FACT CHECK? IDIOT?
    “In 2000, Tommy Hilfiger, whose brand signified the great America dream, was caught manufacturing clothes in sweatshop conditions in the United States territory of Saipan in the Northern Mariana Islands. As a U.S. Commonwealth, clothes made there could be labeled “Made in the USA,” but federal labor laws including the minimum wage did not apply. Perhaps Tommy Hilfiger didn’t know what his production partners in Saipan were up to, but you better believe they pulled their production out of there as soon as the news hit the stands. Shortly after the story broke, the garment factories in Saipan were officially closed.”

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