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Three shot and killed in home on southwest side, suspect in custody

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

MILWAUKEE -- Milwaukee police say three people were shot and killed on the city's southwest side on Sunday evening, March 6th -- and a suspect is in custody.

Police say a man shot and killed three victims around 5:45 p.m. at a home near 92nd and Beloit.

A witness reported hearing gunshots coming from a four-unit apartment building.

The victims are one woman in her 30s, and two men (one in his 40s and the other in his 50s), and they were pronounced dead at the scene. We're told the victims and the suspect (who is said to be in his 20s), lived in the same building.

Police say a rifle and handgun were recovered. The motive is unknown at this time.


  • Anthony schafer

    Guns don’t kill people. Stupid people with guns kill people. You have to remember that gun laws only work for law abiding citizens. All you do by banning guns is put good people at a disadvantage. Yours truely, registered gun toting Milwaukee county, West allis resident.

    • Mel

      Thank you! Enough said! Banning guns takes then out of the hands of RESPONSIBLE, NON-NUTCASE, LICENSED owners, who could have possibly prevented a tragedy like this and in criminals hands only! And just for the idiots who will talk smack, I am not affiliated with any political party, to me both sides are morons which is why I choose SANE, INDEPENDENT! !!!

  • Aye man

    What is the plan to take the guns from the outlaws?? It’s obviously them doing the evil doings

    • Anthony schafer

      Right on. I am so tired of these anti gun idiots blaming everything on guns and not the people. A gun cannot get up walk down the street and shoot someone. It is not dangerous until it is picked up by an irresponsible person. TRUETH. My entire family is trained and comfortable with guns. And they respect them completely.

  • Ben cross

    What an ignorant comment. The person with the gun killed those people not the gun. How can you even say that. Imagine if someone in that household had a firearm to protect themselves with…they could all be alive and the shooter would lay dead. ARM YOURSELVES AND PROTECT YOURSELVES AND YOUR FAMILY PEOPLE. Drugs are illegal and people still aquire those. You will never get guns off the street. Fight fire with fire protect yourselves.

  • Sierra

    Right because making drugs illegal had made drugs banish right?! Maybe if this family had a gun and went threw the classes they could have properly protect themselves…

  • Mark

    So by your logic we should ban cars because people are killed by them. More people are killed by cars than by guns — this is same logic, no? Your logic is flawed and won’t produce the results you think it would. Ironically, the areas with the toughest gun laws in the country (Chicago, Washington DC, etc) also have the highest gun crime rates in the country? Time to open your eyes and actually study the cold hard facts and history behind the garbage you spew. You might be surprised.

  • supra et ultra

    WOW, great story!!! Trading speed for accuracy. Sure does keep some sheep in a trance..

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  • ansel adams

    Great Attention Getting picture with the lights and all……”You don’t take a photograph, you make it.”

  • Glory

    Why isnt anyine reporting this as a ha te crime! The only witness told police, that the killer entered home then asked where is víctim from, then when victim said we are from Puerto Rico, the killer said… Go back to Puerto Rico then and shot them all!!!Hate crime!!thanks Trump for starting a race war!

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