App for that: Check out Hankr, a mobile menu for Milwaukee restaurants

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MILWAUKEE -- We've all had the conversation -- what do you want for dinner? Well, don't stress about getting an answer anymore -- because there's an app for that -- and it was made by a group in Milwaukee. Brian Kramp shows you Hankr.

About Hankr (from website)

What if all we had was a written review of the beauty of the Mona Lisa or the majesty of a sunset over a lake in the Swiss Alps? Would you have the confidence to buy a plane ticket and take the time to travel to see them? Without seeing it for yourself first, would your expectations be met?  We've learned to settle for that exact experience when trying to find a place to find the perfect meal, forced all too often to rely only on the written reviews of others.

It's time for a better way to find a restaurant. A way that lets you see a meal with your own eyes before you decide. Introducing hankr, the first mouthwateringly-visual restaurant app designed to help you confidently answer: "What are you in the mood to eat?"