Governor Scott Walker may join Ted Cruz on Indiana campaign trail

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Governor Scott Walker introduced Ted Cruz in Waukesha

MADISON — Gov. Scott Walker says he may join Republican presidential hopeful Ted Cruz on the campaign trail in Indiana.

Walker told reporters during a question-and-answer session Monday that he hasn’t gotten any requests from Cruz yet but there’s a possibility he might join the candidate on Sunday. The governor said hadn’t heard about any specific event yet, however.

Walker has enjoyed a resurgence of sorts within Republican circles after helping Cruz win Wisconsin’s GOP presidential primary earlier this month.

Indiana’s primary is May 3.


  • Carlos Negron

    Should Trump and Clinton be their respective party nominee Scott Walker should mount a 3rd party candidacy.
    Such a scenario will result in Trump & Clinton sharing 55% of the vote and Scott Walker winning the General Election with 45 % of the vote.

  • URkiddingme

    Scott Walker is a BUSH as in globalist, New World Order, George Walker BUSH. Walker is an elite GOP who is OPPOSED to the will of the people of the USA. He wants to silence their voice. He wants to steal the voice of the people. Don’t fall for it INDIANA! Bob Knight endorses TRUMP. Trump will take down Hillary. Get on Twitter and follow us to see people of all diversity, all demographics, all socio-economics support Trump. Cruz is made in Canada by at the time Canadian parents. His wife Heidi is a director of Goldman Sachs and her job is to build a federation of Canada, the US, and Mexico. The idea is to create economic chaos like what happened in Europe with the EURO. Trump is the last hope of the USA!

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