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Unique baseball-related competition at Muskego bar: “Who doesn’t like rooting against the Cardinals?”

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MUSKEGO -- There's a restaurant and bar in Muskego that's known for a few things: the food, the bourbon and other drinks, the music -- and something else.

Pete Karas

Pete Karas

"We really want to do something positive that everyone could support, like rooting against the Cardinals. Who doesn't like to do that?" Pete Karas, owner of The Suburban Bourbon said.

People at The Suburban Bourbon have been doing as much cheering for the Brewers as they have against the team from St. Louis.

They are holding a "Cardinals elimination contest."

Suburban Bourbon

The Suburban Bourbon

"I think everyone outside of eastern Missouri can really join us in rooting for their elimination," Karas said.

All you have to do is pick the day and time you think the Cardinals will be eliminated from playoff contention this season.

Karas says so far, it's received a warm welcome.

"People, number one ,think it's hilarious, and then they are really excited. We probably have 300 to 400 people that have signed up," Karas said.

Cardinals Elimination Contest at Suburban Bourbon

Cardinals Elimination Contest at Suburban Bourbon

While the contest is all about showing no love for the Redbirds, there might be some seeds of envy also involved.

"I don't like the Cardinals! I don't like them because they're probably so good and they are what you aspire to be as a baseball team and as a franchise. I appreciate good baseball which unfortunately means I appreciate the way the Cardinals play, but I don't have to like them," Eric Bekken, a Suburban Bourbon customer said.

Cardinals Elimination Contest at Suburban Bourbon

Cardinals Elimination Contest at Suburban Bourbon

"I think a lot of it started back in 1982, but it seems to be the attitude of Cardinals players and fans over the years that really perpetuated this," Karas said.

Karas says the promotion is also helping out some kids who could someday do their part to beat the birds.

"We are also raising money for Muskego youth sports through this in donations. We probably have $300 or $400 raised, so that's going to do the community good," Karas said.

And whoever guesses correctly will receive some unusual winnings.

Cardinals Elimination Contest at Suburban Bourbon

"The grand prize is four tickets to any World Series game at Miller Park. If it's the Brewers, we'll be pleasantly surprised," Karas said.

While that might not be realistic, Karas adds that there's another item for the champ.

Cardinals Elimination Contest at Suburban Bourbon

"You can also win a Brewers rover cooler. It's really cool -- remote control, plays music, headlights, you can bring it right with you to the tailgate party," Karas said.

As of right now, no Cardinals fans have taken part in this promotion -- but Karas says another fan base has no problem with it.

"Cubs fans love it. Because the enemy of our enemy is our friend. We are really bonding with the Cubs fans," Karas said.

So if you're a Brewers or Cubs fan, how do you go about in picking a date?

Cardinals Elimination Contest at Suburban Bourbon

Cardinals Elimination Contest at Suburban Bourbon

"There's a lot of people who take a lot of time on their smartphones trying to look at the schedule and figure out when they're eliminated, when they will be eliminated," Karas said.

"I think I'm going to predict that they get eliminated in the Divisional Playoffs, maybe game 6," Bekken said.

"I picked October 13, at 11 o'clock at night. That's when we, I, anticipate they are going to be eliminated," Dennis Najoom, a Suburban Bourbon customer said.