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Woman carjacked in Target lot near Miller Park: “Always thought it would happen to other people — not me”

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

WEST MILWAUKEE -- A woman was carjacked at gunpoint outside the Target store on Miller Park Way on Wednesday, June 1st -- in broad daylight. It was a scary encounter that happened in an area where thousands of people shop every day. Police are now looking for the suspects responsible.

"I always thought it would happen to other people -- not to me," the victim said.

It was 10:00 a.m. Wednesday when the victim, who asked that FOX6 News not identify her, went to the Target store on Miller Park Way in West Milwaukee to buy birthday cards.

Target on Miller Park Way

Target on Miller Park Way

"I was in the car, filling out the birthday cards. It was running," the victim said.

Suddenly, a gun appeared in her open window.

"Two men on either side of my car pointed guns at me and told me to get out of my car and where is the wallet?" the victim said.

She obeyed their orders, and stepped out of her vehicle.

Woman carjacked at Target on Miller Park Way

Woman carjacked at Target on Miller Park Way

"I just thought cars are materialistic things. Your life is more important," the victim said.

She watched as the men drove away in her car.

"They got in the driver and passenger side and then they had a back-up car with two people -- a driver and passenger as well that followed my car being stolen," the victim said.

Looking back, the victim says she thinks she was targeted because she was in a running vehicle, and because she had parked in a secluded part of the lot.

"It happens like, in just in a heartbeat," the victim said.

Target on Miller Park Way

Target on Miller Park Way

In a statement, Target official said, in part, that safety is a top priority and "Target is partnering closely with local law enforcement on this manner."

West Milwaukee police said they're looking for four black males around the age of 20. We're told one suspect had short black hair and he was wearing a brown T-shirt and dark jeans. Another suspect had longer, Afro-style hair and was wearing a black T-shirt and dark jeans.

We're told the suspects drove away in a black, four-door sedan. The victim's vehicle, a gray Toyota Corolla, was recovered Wednesday night, June 1st near 30th Street and North Avenue in Milwaukee.

"I think they're just young kids that are a little lost," the victim said.

This victim hopes her story can serve as a warning to others.

"Just make sure your car is locked. Make sure you're in a safe place -- around a lot of people," the victim said.


  • unicorns and rainbows

    “I think they’re just young kids that are a little lost,” the victim said. They targeted you because the car was running and you appear clueless.

    • Opinion8d

      I think her statement is part of the problem. People think that these are just ‘kids’ -just like kids she knew growing up. People have no idea of the cultural depravity and lack of morals/values that these thugs behold. They are nothing like a ‘normal’ family. People need to get their head out of their phone and watch the news -as horrifying and scary as it may be, they’ll learn something!

      • Twid

        Actually, I’d say that people need to STOP watching the news….especially alarmist people like you who think that the world is filled with depraved thugs out to get them. If anyone should be acting alarmed it’s the victim…but she’s exhibiting compassion and reasonable thought. And what are you, the armchair judge, exhibiting? Fear, panic, condemnation, denial of humanity. Turn off the TV and grow up!

      • Wake up

        You need to wake up and take off your rose colored glasses! Look at the facts on increase in violent crimes in Milwaukee. We should be scared as it keeps escalating. I have a daughter who lives in river west and has been attacked out of the blue by a posse of baboon girls and the majority of her friends and neighbors have been robbed and assaulted. I don’t know why she doesn’t move as far away as she can from that cesspool of a city.

    • WilliamJPoorman

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  • Klaatu

    Wow, that lady sounds clueless. Maybe she should get her head out of the sand and take a look around.

    • unicorns and rainbows

      Pretty safe assumption her Corolla had a “Women for Hillary” bumper sticker on it.

  • Stan


    • Chelsea

      My aunt always told me to keep my car running, but be aware of my surroundings. A running car is able to easily pull away compared to rushing to find your keys to start your car…

      • Michael Neils

        Your aunt and my Grandma C must be related. Step on it and go. Right to the police station. If you nick one you nick one.


    “I think they’re just young kids that are a little lost,” the victim said.

    Are you kidding me?? This is exactly what is wrong with this situation and why it will continue to happen. *liberals*

  • Nikto

    These animals must be found and brought to justice. They be given a fair trial and then executed by fire ants.

  • indrenihimal

    This is out of control in Milwaukee. They better do something fast or people won’t want to go out in the city, move or invest there, visit as tourists, etc. Or is that the plan??

  • Brad Cortright

    Calm down everyone. I have never heard of any other problems at this location before. Luckily nobody was hurt and these individuals will be caught. I have been to this target 100+ times and I have never seen any issues. There is a police substation in the same building.

  • Adrian

    This story should would have come to a wonderful conclusion with a couple riveted miscreants if Smith and Wesson were riding along with victim.

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