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“That’s how we roll!” Couple takes down would-be burglar with his own baseball bat!

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NORTH PORT, Florida — Neighbors say a North Port, Florida couple is in a league of their own after they took down a burglar with his own baseball bat.

A 33-year-old California man is in the Charlotte County Jail after a would-be home invasion ended with him being beaten with his own baseball bat.

North Port police said Noah Dassat faces multiple charges in connection with an incident on Kennett Street in which he allegedly attacked a man with the bat.

The man, Jason Petty, was able to wrestle Dassat onto a couch, at which point Petty’s wife, Allison Young, grabbed the bat and struck Dassat several times – prompting him to flee the residence while bleeding heavily.

“You do what you have to do. I mean someone just busted into your house. You do whatever it takes,” said neighbor Sherri Mitchell.

“There were helicopters and cops with dogs walking in the neighborhood going up and down around the roads here,” said neighbor Jim Joyce.

Dassat was picked up police with several lacerations on his head, in addition to a blackened right eye and several more cuts on his arms.

“That’s how we roll around here,” said Joyce. “You got to protect your own.”

We spoke with the quick-thinking wife who has three young children. She said it’s still too soon for her to talk about the incident.

Dassat has been charged with burglary with battery, burglary with a deadly weapon, and criminal mischief.


  • Sur

    Watch the victims get sued by the criminal for inflicting bodily harm and claiming permanent disability and a government hand out. That is how F’ed up our legal system is!

  • Bill

    Nobody else finds this case to be odd? This guy just randomly sought out this house. If you google the supposed heros name he has a record. Im thinking theres alot more to this than the publics aware of…..even for florida this is way to random. He was there to rob them for what?

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