Police: 83-year-old woman struck by pickup truck & killed near Lincoln & Howell

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MILWAUKEE -- Milwaukee police say an 83-year-old Milwaukee woman was struck by a vehicle and killed on Wednesday, June 29th near Howell and Lincoln Avenue.

It happened just after 11:30 a.m.

Police say the victim was struck by a Dodge Ram pickup truck -- driven by a 59-year-old Milwaukee man. That driver remained at the scene after the crash.

Police: 83-year-old woman struck by pickup truck & killed near Lincoln & Howell

Police: 83-year-old woman struck by pickup truck & killed near Lincoln & Howell

The victim was in a crosswalk -- crossing Lincoln Avenue when she was hit.  Friends tell FOX6 News the victim is Christa Pittman. Those who knew her say she was from Germany, but had been living in the United States for decades.

She doesn't have any family -- so her friends will now plan her funeral.

Some who live in the area said it was only a matter of time before something like this happened in the busy intersection.

"It`s just terrible," Christina Jones said.

Police: 83-year-old woman struck by pickup truck & killed near Lincoln & Howell

"I was shocked. I was really shocked, because it shouldn`t have happened," Susan Santi said.

"The cars around here go too fast. They don`t stop," Maria Gonzalez said.

Gonzalez lives up the street from where this happened. She said she's feared for awhile that something like this might happen -- and said the "walk" signals aren't long enough -- especially for those with disabilities or the elderly.

Alderman Tony Zielinski says the issue is bad drivers.

Police: 83-year-old woman struck by pickup truck & killed near Lincoln & Howell

"She had the signal in her favor. I don`t know what else you can do right now to prevent something like this from happening if some guy wants to just run through the light and run her over," Alderman Zielinski said.

Alderman Tony Zielinski

Alderman Tony Zielinski

One future solution Zielinski said he will propose is to install surveillance cameras with radar guns.

"If these drivers know that they`re going to get tickets by violating the speed limits, they`re going to drive more carefully," Zielinski said.

Pittman's neighbors said they hope city leaders pay attention to their concerns. They don't want the woman they describe as always smiling to die in vain.

Police: 83-year-old woman struck by pickup truck & killed near Lincoln & Howell

"Please do something before there is another death.  I don`t want it to happen to any of my friends. God bless her," Santi said.

Fatal crash at Lincoln & Howell

Fatal crash at Lincoln & Howell

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  • sparkles

    I am so tired of reckless drivers, speeders, tailgaters and everything else. I travel Howard Ave every day. Most people know that on Howard going West it merges into one lane. Some of these people know this and they will cut you off by inches. I see people texting, talking on their phones. It is a complete mess out there. May be instead of getting a ticket for a violation, maybe their should be an automatic suspension for a least three months for these violations. Maybe this would curb some of the idiots decisions on the road to be aware that they can lose their licenses. May then would the law abiding people on the road would have to pay such high insurance rates. Let the bad drivers that do not care pay.

  • sparkles

    I will be sending a letter to Scott Walker and Sheriff David Clark to propose more penalties for these people who do not abide by the traffic laws. Every sign and signal means something for a reason.

    • Hillary is a HE-devil!!

      Blame the LIBERAL justice system,the LIBERAL judges and LIBERAL lawyers who mommycoddle POS with probation and plea bargains!!!

  • Honky

    You must not be on the northside at all. Where they run red lights, speed in the parking lane and expect you to let them merge because there is something in there path. It was a catastrophic accident. So was the one in greenfield at pns. Your logic old people should be banned from driving, although i agree with that. Lol.

  • Chris

    I think quick reaction in ground steel barrier walls placed at the opposite side of the intersections that deploy up out of the ground when a vehicle runs the light is the only effective way to stop the bad drivers and the habit of bad driving.

  • Debbie

    This was my mom’s friend. We live in the uk and she was getting worried when Christa wasn’t answering her calls. So shocked to find out what happened following an online search. If, as the alderman states, the driver was in the wrong why has the driver nor been charged?

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