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“Horrible:” Police called out to separate fatal shootings within 15-minute period in Milwaukee

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MILWAUKEE -- Milwaukee police are investigating two separate fatal shootings that occurred within a 15-minute period on Wednesday night, July 13th.

The first shooting occurred around 11:00 p.m. near 28th and Clarke.

Shooting near 28th and Clarke

Shooting near 28th and Clarke

According to police, when officers arrived on scene, they found a woman, identified as 32-year-old Rebecca Wood, suffering from a gunshot wound. Officers were joined by the Milwaukee Fire Department in attempting life-saving measures, but were unable to revive her. Wood died at the scene.

Homicide at 28th and Clarke

Homicide at 28th and Clarke

FOX6 News found a message posted by Wood to her Facebook page on the day she died. It reads: "Tell someone you love them today, because tomorrow is not promised."

The circumstances surrounding the shooting are under investigation.

Milwaukee police were called to the scene of a second, unrelated shooting near 33rd and Hadley around 11:15 p.m.

Homicide at 28th and Clarke

Homicide at 28th and Clarke

Shooting near 33rd and Hadley

Shooting near 33rd and Hadley

The preliminary investigation reveals that a 25-year-old woman, identified as Ebony Taylor, was shot and died on the scene. A second 25-year-old woman was also shot. She was taken to the hospital for treatment of a serious gunshot wound.

The circumstances regarding this shooting are under investigation. MPD is searching for a person of interest in this investigation.

Homicide at 33rd and Hadley

Homicide at 33rd and Hadley

Those living near where this shooting happened told FOX6 News they're fed up with the violence.

"It's actually shocking. I just pray for everyone who's in harm's way in these areas," Janeen Mack said.

Mack and her brother Jerry were shaken after learning about the fatal shooting just down the block on 33rd Street.

Jerry and Janeen Mack

Jerry and Janeen Mack

"That's horrible. That's very horrible. The violence here should stop," Jerry Mack said.

The Macks said this latest violence underscores their fears they've had for awhile about the neighborhood they live in. They say the only way to stay safe is to stay inside.

"All I do, I work and pretty much stay in the house because it is bad out here. It`s pretty much not the same as a couple years ago where you could be outside and enjoy yourself without being hurt or someone else being hurt," Janeen Mack said.


  • Shonnie

    Oh I’m here I just don’t have all day to sit on Fox6 and read comments all day.Regardless if you believe it or not I have a job to work and properties to manage some of us African Americans do work. I never NOT once blamed a police officer in any of my posts so don’t lie thank you! Secondly I blamed your BLATANT IGNORANCE on the last post for stating that there isn’t anything such as BLM movements in the community against black on black violence.You shall not speak upon something you have not personally seen or acknowledged.I’m 25 I live within these communities I’ve been apart of the protests etc there’s multiple activists hosting peace events in the community going door to door speaking to families where these shootings are mostly occurring. It takes more than a few people to raise a nation.So either become apart of the movement or shut your mouth when the results aren’t as effective. I get so sick and tired of reading ignorant posts it’s ridiculous! So before to put my name in Another one of your silly comments sit and think how are you contributing to the community you’re down talking ! Your ignorance prevails yet again ! You’ve truely out done yourself !

    • Libsareliars

      Hate to break the news but I don’t have all day either to sit here since I work 2nd shift. So since you are part of the protests why are you not protesting when the black on black killings take place? I guess the protests only occur when a cop is involved in a shooting. Speaking of ignorance you and your BLM movement are a total joke. Maybe the cops should just ignore patrolling the hood and let the killings continue since people like yourself gave no respect for them.

  • Shonnie

    I guess you can’t read or comprehend either.Please go back and read what I just said. I clearly just stated the movement hosts events in the communities regarding these crimes , march through the neighborhoods and so forth…Your stupidity is overwhelming and I’m sure you’re probably twice my age if not more. So I should not have to keep going back and reiterating the same stuff to you repeatedly. I pray you don’t pass this same ignorance down to your grandchildren or children that I may have to come in contact with. Have a great day at work ! Again please do not add my name to any of your silly posts if you do not have anything worthwhile talking about to discuss its a waste of both your time and mines. You have yet to produce me with one fact that validates the partial argument you’re trying to make.

  • Libsareliars

    I was thinking the same thing. The poster Shonnie claims I am ignorant with my posts yet she claims she participates in these protests. Just wondering if her group plans to protest these 2 killings or is it just another day in the hood where these protesters overlook that.

  • Kendia

    Why does it matter so much what color their skin is you racist bastard? Everybody on this earth bleeds the same red blood no matter how much melanin their skin has.

  • Hillarys Turkey Neck

    Whats wrong AASHLEY? Cant handle the truth? Why do blacks hate cops, but never hesitate to call? Kinda ironic, dont ya think.

  • Scott

    Well, those young blacks that try to excel, get educations and a good life are referred to as “Oreo” and “Uncle Tom” and hated by their own people.

    And at that, what is the rest of the black “community” doing to combat this and the gangsta rap mentality…wait, did you say nothing?

  • Libsareliars

    Here we go again, the fox6 sissys deleting the comments again. Why don’t you people in the fox6 news office grow up once!

    • Michael Neils

      That’s the way the usa is today. It is politically incorrect to grow up. Just whine and complain when you get called out and think its because you are a certain color, religion, gender, income level, or you got a slower Pokemon.

    • Mark

      can’t handle the fact that black lives really don’t matter among their own race. They want to stick it in all the white faces about how black lives matter.. all the injustices.. yet they want us all to look the other way when they’re all killing one another on a daily basis. BLM…….. riiiiiiight. *rolls eyes* scroll down and take a look at all the past headlines on this page…. that’ll give you an idea of whats going on in Milwaukee, and by who 99% of the violent crimes are being commited by. c’mon… scroll….

      • Che townsell

        What’s unfortunate is that people are so blinded by the media that they don’t think critically anymore. The crime in our inner cities are in an abundance because of poverty and inequality. But of course the prejudiced white people are unaware of all that, those are just excuses but why isn’t your communities plagued by poverty which statistically causes higher crime. Simple minded racists…

      • Libsareliars

        Yeah idiot it is all about poverty and inequality. Looks like welfare does bring you down right? How about going out and getting a job and tell the women to stop spreading their legs for 3 different guys just so they can collect more welfare. How about telling the dudes to actually get a job and support the kids that you bring into the world. How about stop blaming the white people for your screw ups!!!

      • Leah N Joel Woodward

        I wish the protesters would be motivated to improve their communities the way they protest police. Who came to this crisis? Police. Who is investigating a crime no saw? Police. We all need to come together to crack down on the crime in these areas. Improve the living conditions by bringing in jobs. Improve the school like in chicago areas where heat isn’t turned on (what the hell). I would like to see taxes distributed to the schools differently in these cities. The wealthy get the funding from higher property values whereas the poorer areas and section 8 housing communities don’t even get scraps. This needs to change until these communities can be improved. How much are we spending on medical bills for people who have been shot?!! For crying out loud. Let’s get this addressed. Increase gang related offenses and get the scum terrorizing the city out of the community so the good folks can be safe!! No more children shot. No more dead from stray bullets. And PLEASE start protesting this if you live in this community. It starts at home!! I am way out in Idaho and cant do this for them. Even if I wish I could!!!!!

  • dylan

    che… I am a white female I grew up in the sherman park area..i went to school at washington..I came from a poor white family. I made something of myself..I never received public assistance ever!!!! I would rather work three jbs than not take care of myself or my family it is called pride….. I am christian I am now 60 and have done well for myself so take that and smoke it

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