Russ Feingold on the Clinton/Kaine ticket: “Hillary and Tim project an image of stability and hope”

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Russ Feingold

PHILADELPHIA, Pennsylvania — There is plenty of excitement among Wisconsin Democrats, as the Democratic National Convention is set to get underway Monday, July 25th.

U.S. Senate candidate Russ Feingold said he believes Hillary Clinton made an excellent choice in Tim Kaine as her running mate. He said the difference between their ticket and the Republican campaign couldn’t be more clear.

“So you have Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine who are ready to govern this country and frankly project an image of stability and hope across the world that is really needed in a time where the world is in quite a bit of crisis,” Feingold said.

While Feingold’s opponent, Senator Ron Johnson spoke at the Republican National Convention last week, Feingold said he is planning to remain in Wisconsin to campaign all this week.