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Grease be gone: Identifying mistakes many women make with their manes

MILWAUKEE -- Do you ever find yourself face to face with a slick hair struggle?  Your greasy mane may be due to common mistakes we all make. Scott Yance of SCOTTFREE Salon joins Real Milwaukee to help you overcome the oily hair.

If you struggle with slick, oily hair, there are some fast fixes that could help. It starts with identifying mistakes many women make with their manes.

  1. You're not shampooing enough
  2. You're shampooing too much
  3. The water you're rinsing with is too hot
  4. The styling products you're using are too heavy
  5. You straighten your hair every day
  6. You're curling your hair every day
  7. You're curling wands, flat irons and brushes are dirty
  8. You brush your hair too often
  9. You rely too much on dry shampoo